Best of Bob

Best BEL Interview of 2010

* Iowa Talker Steve Deace on BEL: Iowa's #1 radio talk show host Steve Deace talks with Bob Enyart analyzing the 2010 election results especially in Iowa (where the voters fired the Supreme Court justices who imposed homosexual marriage on the state) and Colorado (where pro-lifers closed the gap from a 3-to-1 defeat in 2008 to now only a 2-to-1 defeat for their personhood 100% abortion ban).

Peter Boils Over Gay TSA Pat Downs

* Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire: Opt out of the TSA's dehumanizing full body scans and guess what, the TSA then gets physical and you and your spouse and your kids in the hands of...

KGOV's Political Spectrums

* Popular Liberal and Conservative Political Spectrums are Wrong: You'll enjoy looking at these three contrasting spectrum charts, liberal (economics & extremes), conservative (size), and true (based upon authority flow) in the KGOV Political Spectrums PDF!

Caller Supports Repubs Who Kill Some Kids

* Brief Discussion of Execution and Monetary Policy: is followed by a debate with a caller on morality and political strategy. (Summary: Jim is upset with Bob Enyart because Ken Buck kills some children.)

30% Vote YES Even WITH Pro-Life Opposition

CRTL A62 Election Results Analysis: Preliminary as of 11 a.m. Nov. 3, 2010

* Conventional Wisdom: Only 15% will support a personhood 100% abortion ban.

* Colorado's 2008 vs. 2010 Campaigns: The "Yes on Personhood" vote grew by 10% as compared to our 2008 Yes votes, in that 27% of the 2008 vote is now 30% of the 2010 vote, and that encourages us!

Cheryl Enyart on Use of Graphic Photos

* Cheryl Enyart Comments on Fox TV Report: After Fox 31 reported (see second video below) on some Amendment 62 literature being delivered to homes with inserts of a photo of an aborted  baby, Bob's wife Cheryl Enyart joins him in studio to reveal the real reason why pro-abortion parents get so angry about the graphic photos.

Ken Buck Breaks All Pro-life Promises

* At Least an Amendment Won't Lie to You: The documentation is all over the Internet, but apparently will be creating a /buck web page to put that information all in one place as documentation for an upcoming mailing on Buck's betrayal. Now he's said:
- that he would vote AGAINST the pro-life Amendment 62
- that he will NOT introduce an abortion ban; and
- that he will vote to confirm PRO-CHOICE judges who rule to keep child killing legal.

Pro-lifers Hijack Pro-abort Rally

Christians take over podium with confused Planned Parenthood speakers behind them * Planned Parenthood's Anti-62 Rally Collapses: Today's Colorado Springs abortion rally opposing the personhood Amendment 62 was co-opted by Christians who took over the podium leaving confused Planned Parenthood speakers behind them.

Where there's smoke, there's a Koran

* Cultural Intimidation and Rank Hypocrisy: Bob Enyart and Jo Scott talk about Pastor Terry Jones' planned burning of the Koran tomorrow, on 9-11: