RSR: The Origin of Fish by Jerry Bergman

Not a fish* 80% of Known Fossils are Marine Animals: Real Science Friday co-host Bob Enyart discusses the current Creation Research Society Quarterly paper, The Search for Evidence Concerning the Origin of Fish,  by RSR friend Dr. Jerry Bergman. The photo on the right of a salamander, circulated online by uneducated evolutionists claiming that it's a fish with legs, depicts an Axolotl, which is not a fish but, like some other amphibians, lives permanently in its larval form.

* Trouble for Fish Evolution: With a million fish and marine fossils in museum collections alone, many of which are pristine, there is a COMPLETE lack of fossil evidence of the evolution of vertebrates from non-vertebrates, and also, generally, a widely-admitted (by evolutionists) lack of evidence of evolution from alleged non-fish ancestors, and a tremendous lack of evidence, despite the extensive (and allegedly ancient) worldwide record of fish fossils.

* The Fish Wars RSR Flashback: Atheists and evolutionists widely desecrate the Christian fish symbol by putting legs on it to symbolize evolution. Dr. Thomas Lessl of the University of Georgia researched the motivations and was told, "I did it to annoy the Christian right wing, since they are fond of putting the fish/Christ symbols on their cars..." and "Creationists are [expletive]... Humans are no better than chickens [BE: How does he know, has he tasted them?]... earthworms... algae or infectious salmonella..." [BE: Britain’s Prince Philip of the Worldwide Fund for Nature even wishes to be an infectious germ, saying that he would like to be reincarnated as a "killer virus to lower human population levels." Prince HIVlip, perhaps?] Dr. Lessl commented, "By inserting Darwin's name in the place of the fish icon usually reserved for Christ, the icthus symbol is ritually profaned."

Christians of course have responded with a larger Jesus fish eating the Darwin fish. And BEL adds to the mix an alien fish standing on end bearing Dawkins' name to illustrate the atheist's claim in the documentary Expelled that microbiology may provide evidence that life on earth may be the result of intelligent design from somewhere out there in the universe! Richard Dawkins added that such an alien species would most likely have evolved by some Darwinian mechanism. He seemed unaware, as atheists tend to be, that this claim merely punts the issue of origins, since the origin of life on an another planet would face the same dilemma as life arising on earth. Yet atheists commonly put hope in aliens with no logical defense of their blind faith.

Richard Dawkins:

"Well, [the origin of life on earth] could have come about in this way: The evidence may show, as we look at the complexity, as we look at the genetic mechanisms, that might be evidence that a long time ago, far far away in another galaxy, that there was a civilization that evolved by Darwinian means. And that civilization designed life and seeded it on our earth." -Dawkins, in Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

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NOTICE: Bible Chronlogy Project Help Wanted: "As a pastime, I've been building an Excel spreadsheet called Chronology.xlsx in an attempt to make a dynamic model of all the dated statements in the Bible. It is incomplete and I'm looking for help from someone who is interested in biblical history and who also is proficient (i.e., better than me :) with Microsoft Excel. Currently, if the user wants to know how much time passed between the Flood and the birth of Abraham, he can type in AbrahamBorn - FloodBegins and the spreadsheet returns "296 years" as the answer. One goal of this spreadsheet research project is to determine what assumptions are built into estimates of biblical dates. If you would like to help, please send an email to both & Thanks!" -Bob Enyart UPDATE: Thank you to those who have stepped forward! Work begins on Monday!