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What is Money?

Definition of Money: In the 1990s here at Bob Enyart Live, I wrongly claimed that justice required a return to the gold standard, whereby currency was formerly backed by reserves of precious metals. Years ago you could return a $10 bill, also called a gold certificate, to a bank and receive a certain amount of gold.

RSR: Microbiologist Kevin Anderson in Studio

One of many repair mechanisms* CRSQ Editor Kevin Anderson on Real Science Radio: Wow! Hear about the latest scientific findings on the human genome, junk DNA, antibiotic resistance, and our genes being read forward and backward, from Dr. Kevin Anderson! If you enjoy celebrating the creative genius of our God, you'll just love hearing the microbiologist editor-in-chief of Creation Research Society Quarterly, a refereed scientific journal, talk in studio with Bob Enyart about the latest in genetics!

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* Personhood Pro-lifer Gunned Down in Michigan: Jim Poullion, Christian pro-life activist with Flip Benham's Operation Save America and fellow worker and friend of Cal Zastrow, Personhood USA and Michigan Citizens for Life, was murdered this morning by a 33-year old Michigan man angered by anti-abortion signs. Jim was holding a poster-sized photo of a baby boy, Jeremy Trewhella, emblazoned with the single word LIFE in front of the Owosso High School when he was killed by Harlan Drake, whom the police later arrested after Drake had murdered another person. The poster carried by Poullion, ubiquitous at pro-life events, is of the son of pro-life hero and personhood advocate Matt Trewhella, longtime director of Missionaries to the Preborn.

Former BYU Professor Leaves Mormonism Pt. 2

Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney discuss the Book of Mormon and the untenable claims of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) church. Post-show note: Dr. Wilder says that she expects Mormons to official endorse homosexuality, for without a true biblical foundation, they are vulnerable to every form of wickedness. And regarding the LDS support for abortion, see

Bob Answers Life's BIG Questions

* Life’s Big Questions: Bob’s co-host Doug McBurney asks Bob some of life’s BIG questions. You know, the questions that college professor might rhetorically ask his students on day one of classes. Tune in to hear the answers that should be coming from the professors, the politicians and the pastors!

The Clue that Breaks the Ramsey Case

* 2016 DNA Update -- History Repeats Itself: Twice now Boulder District Attorneys have mislead the public in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case.

40 Years in the Wilderness

* You'll REALLY Want to See our Special Label DVD: For the tragic 40th anniversary, you'll want to order our Forty Years in the Wilderness pro-life strategy documentary on DVD. Please call 1-800-Enyart (836-9278) and ask for the Forty Years (since Roe) DVD!

The Truth about the Emancipation Proclamation

* On the 150th Anniversary of the Proclamation, the Surprising Truth: Today, on the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, Bob Enyart and guest Jamie Schofield analyze the meaning and actual intent of that sad document. For this was no abolitionist policy (as a contemporaneous report in the Rocky Mountain News makes clear), but an example of moral compromise that ended in failure.