Frayser in 2nd Place Behind Adams City High

Date: Jan 18, 2011 Length: 27:40
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Pregnant cheerleader among 108 moms at Adams City High* 90 Babies in One School Year at Memphis Tennessee's Frayser High: Even with the crisis in Frayser, thankfully, they don't come close to the tragedy in Colorado's Adams City High School where 108 babies were born in a single year. And Bob tells of a Starbucks staffer's account of the McLain High School graduation where it seemed that every other young graduate was either pregnant or had a baby.

* And Remember All This from the Summer of 2010:

* Bob Enyart on Fox about Schools Giving Out Birth Control: Juliet Huddy of FNC's Fox & Friends today asked Bob his opinion on the Denver public school trying to reduce student pregnancy by providing condoms, the birth control pill, and the chemical abortion pill Plan B, to children as young as eleven years old. Bob Enyart said:

ENYART: This fails because it's wrong. Adam City High School, in a Denver suburb, tried this. Their pregnancy rate went up 42 percent and the headlines nationwide were: 108 babies born in one school year. It's a tragedy. God did not make 14-year-old girls to be used by boys. This is a mistake.

HUDDY: But the fact is in Denver, 41 of every 1,000 girls, 15 to 17, have babies. That's a pretty high number. 

ENYART: The major reason for this is that our school curriculum today all over the country is officially godless. Kids are told that they're animals, that they've evolved from animals. And so we shouldn't be shocked when they behave like animals. We need to teach kids that they're special. Girls are worth waiting for. They're worth waiting for until marriage. They're not there to be used by boys.

* FNC's Juliet Huddy Mis-Identifies Bob as a Former Public School Administrator: In the early 1990s, Bob Enyart was not an administrator, but he was vice-chair of the legislatively-authorized Adams County District 14 Accountability Committee. Local newspapers published Bob's resignation letter in which he predicted that the condom distribution program being enacted would backfire and increase teen pregnancy. Three years later, the Rocky Mountain News republished Bob's letter when the headlines declared a 42 percent increase in pregnancy and 108 babies born at Adams City High School in a single school year.

* Bob with Caplis and Silverman Against School Birth Control: On KHOW radio last week with Dan Caplis & Craig Silverman, you can hear Bob (beginning at 22 minutes in) argue against the Denver school promoting sex to children by giving condoms, birth control pills, and the abortion pill Plan B to children beginning at age twelve. (By the way, have you ever noticed that their show's webpage, the one that you get to from KHOW's home page, doesn't even display their names? And for two lawyers, I guess we shouldn't be surprised that even the name of their show doesn't appear, except in the fine print.)

The Rocky Mountain News reprints Bob's resignation letter

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