Bob and Tom Tancredo re: Illegal Aliens

Date: Jul 6, 2006 Length: 27:10
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Bob Enyart talks with U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo

Agreement: Rep. Tancredo has led the battle to secure our border with Mexico. Both men agree on: the national security risk of a porous border; that a secure border helps nations behave as good neighbors; and the need to identify legal immigrants via fingerprints or DNA; and that our failed welfare and criminal justice systems exacerbate illegal immigration.

Disagreement: The disagreement came regarding the twelve million illegals already here. Tom Tancredo argued that we need to deport them, despite that his own book documents that the U.S. government itself enticed them to come here illegally. Bob argued that America must take responsibility for the mess we created, and not try to solve the problem by breaking up a million families sending a father back to Mexico with his American-citizen child remaining here out of desperation to avoid oppressive poverty.