Want to Call In On the Air?
If you'd like to discuss or debate an issue with Bob, calling 1-800-8Enyart or 303-463-7789 Mondays at 3:00 PM MT is the best time to try. Our producer will make every effort to get you onto the live show. Be aware that with our many scheduled interviews and just 30 minutes of air time this is not always possible. If you prefer to book an advance date to speak to Bob, please use the contact form below.

Bob Enyart Live (or Real Science Radio, or KGOV)
PO Box 583
Arvada CO 80001
Office, affiliates, media, advertising 303 463-7789

Bob Enyart Live
BEL Host: Bob Enyart
RSR Host: Fred Williams

Frequent Hosts and Co-hosts
Doug McBurney
Jo Scott
Gregg Jackson
Leslie Hanks

BEL Office Manager: Albert Sharin 303 463-7789
BEL Customer Service: Connie Sharin 303 463-1707

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