Bob Schools Newsweek's Nina Burleigh

* Bob Enyart discusses Newsweek's pervert Nina Burleigh: While choosing to skip a description of her more vulgar self (Why? See, Bob Enyart explains Burleigh's previous work hoping to discredit Christian archaeologists. (See the irony with that in National Geographics' absurdly biased article on camels at and the Bible-affirming excavations at And Bob discusses being interviewed by Burleigh about the battle to end abortion in which Bob stated, "Any politician willing to kill a single person is disqualified." Here's the resulting cover story:

Newsweek cover portrays Bob Enyart as a "Christian Cowboy"

* Christian Cowboy: As reported over at, in the early 1990s the Denver Post tried to insult Bob by calling him "Denver's own Rush Limbaugh" and in 2015 the cover of Newsweek (see above) portrayed him as a "Christian Cowboy" while the London Times described him as an "evangelical Dirty Harry". As Bob puts it, "We were deplorable before deplorable was cool." The long-time editorial page editor of The Rocky Mountain News, and then of the Post too, Vincent Carroll, corroborated this in 2012 writing that Enyart is a, "symbol of what many in America’s educated elite find repulsive." You can learn a lot from the enemies a man keeps.

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