The Great American Eclipse - RSR Style

The path of the Great American EclipseWelcome to Real Science Radio's program on the Great American Eclipse. Bob Enyart and Fred Williams talk a bit about how to view the August 21st eclipse, but they spend most of the show discussing amazing astronomy discoveries regarding the Sun, moon, Earth, and the other planets which support creation and falsify evolution (i.e., the materialist, atheistic stellar and planetary evolution claims). Evidence against the claim that a swirling gas cloud condensed forming our solar system, called the nebular hypothesis, includes that:
- the axis of the Sun’s rotation is seven degrees out of alignment with the ecliptic plane of the planets' orbits
- the Sun is missing nearly 100% of the spin that it should have if it condensed from that alleged swirling gas cloud
- the planets have nearly 100 times too much spin energy, called angular momentum
- of the many astounding fine tuning particulars of the solar system and of the Earth, one of the simplest enables this total solar eclipse, namely, that the Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon and it is 400 times further away.

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