When ya gotta go, it's your time to go

* Man breaks into house to use toilet, flees with pants down, falls down stairs, dies: This Drudge Report headline links to a story from a Fayetteville TV station where Bob Enyart, Doug McBurney, and an Arkansas truck driver named Robbie worked together to get the station's news director fired for dropping his pants in public (and doing a lot worse than just dying). Bob's producer locates Robbie while he was driving his truck, past the science of the crime no less, and on air they remembered the bizarre particulars of how the local prosecutor and the media wanted to let the homosexual predator get away with his crime.

used-to-be-save-the-earth.jpg* And Robbie's Earth Day Rhyme:
If nature is your mother is what you believe,
there's something you should know,
every time that nature calls me,
I flush your mother down the bowl.

And here's a final BEL connection to this week's story from Fayetteville, at BEL we had called the Hearst Corporation, owner of the TV station there, which then fired the news director. And since then, BEL interviewed a Hearst Heiress, granddaughter of William Randolf Hearst, Victoria Hearst, when she called upon the Hearst Corp to fire Helen Thompson when the vintage White House made her racist comments against Israel saying that the Jews should get the blank out of of Palestine and go back to Germany and Poland. That story brought to memory a book Bob read recently by his friend Martin Small and Victor Shayne, Remember Us, about Martin's experience in Poland, when he barely survived the Holocaust.

* Dirk from Texas and Joe from Georgia: Dirk talked about being at the Air Force Academy and why homosexuals were called sundowners. And then Dirk also highly recommended the BEL Bible Study resources and that a while back he purchased the Enyart Library, a $3,000 value which we offer for $1,500 dollars! And Joe from Georgia also called in to thank BEL for offering so many educational resources on so many topics. Thank you so much guys! If you'd like to take their recommendations, please just check out our store!

* Post-show Update: Longtime #1 talk show host in Iowa, Steve Deace, just wrote a powerful analysis and challenge to the failed Republican pro-life efforts there. Very instructive. Thanks Steve! -Bob Enyart

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