Don't Defend Jack Phillips Based on Free Speech Rights

BEL has been buying his cakes for years now, since the persecution began, from Jack Phillips and his Masterpiece Cakeshop. With God's help, we'll continue buying them as long as Jack can bake them. However, his defenders representing him before the U.S. Supreme Court are shooting us in the back. Their already-backfiring defense only furthers the homosexual agenda. Jack's lawyers have argued that because designing a wedding cake is art, equivalent to speech, that therefore on the basis of our free speech rights, Jack cannot be compelled to make a wedding cake for homosexuals. (Jack himself, though he is a bona fide hero, has accepted this misguided defense.) This defense further legitimizes the homosexual agenda. For example, a house painter is considered a laborer, not an artist. If he doesn't want to spend a week inside the home of a homosexual, that should be his right as much as it is any person's right not to affirm any lifestyle he knows to be grotesquely immoral, including prostitutes, jihadists, child pornographers, or homosexuals.