Titus, Spring Spheres and Eye Roll Radio

* S&P lowers outlook for America's long-term credit rating.

* Avoid Eye Roll Radio. Don't tell Obama what comes after a trillion. However, since the 1940s, Republican deficit spending has always been more than any previous Democratic President to date. But, it might be a bit harder for the next elected GOP to outspend President Obama.

* Bob Enyart Live Bible Studies: After 38 years of studying the Bible, Bob has produced a fun library of Bible Study resources that we invite you to look at! And Lord-willing, the BEL study of Paul's epistle to Titus is coming soon!

Bob's Nicer than God Bible study album!

* The average Church Sermon is what?  Tithing, Baptism and Forgive Everyone.

* Is the Future Settled or Open?  Bob is in a new debate on Face Book. Meanwhile you can look at some of the main topics from a similar, previous online debate Bob had with D. James Kennedy's Professor of New Testament Dr. Samuel Lamerson.

* Today's TWO Resources: (1) You can listen to Nicer than God, a fast-paced critique of today's Christian teaching on the issues of forgiveness, judging, confrontation, etc. in MP3 downloadable or CD format. Or (2), you can get a subscription to our Monthly Bible Study Album, and receive an audiotape or MP3-CD album mailed to your home once per month. Nicer than God would then be just one of the many worthwhile albums you will enjoy!