ARTL Protests Dobson's Broken Pledge

Date: Sep 5, 2008 Length: 27:51
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* McCain Lies to Christians, Kills Kids: From American Right To Life's Dobson press release: John McCain funds the killing of countless children for example by voting to allocate monies on Oct. 27, 2005 for tax-funded surgical abortion if the baby's father is a criminal, that is, a rapist. See McCain's Yea vote to authorized funding for surgical abortion to kill an unborn child whose father is a criminal, "if the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest." McCain repeatedly gives millions to foreign and domestic abortion providers including Planned Parenthood. One week after pro-abortion Rudi Giuliani dropped out of the primary race, Republicans for Choice endorsed John McCain. McCain is as Jesus warned in Matthew 7:15, a wolf in sheep's clothing, manipulating Christians into voting for someone who continues to kill the innocent.

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* Cindy McCain on John McCain being Pro-Roe: Jim from Denver told BEL about Katie Couric's interview at the RNC this week with Cindy McCain in which she stated honestly that her husband doesn't want to overturn Roe v. Wade.

THIS JUST IN... Cindy didn't get the memo! Cindy didn't get the latest campaign rhetoric that her husband now wants to overturn Roe v. Wade. Cindy was unaware of her husband's Saturday night conversion. The McCain household doesn't sit around and watch Rick Warren, apparently not even when John is on. Cindy McCain got her lies mixed up. Which of the lies do you believe?

Watch, listen, and read the transcript below, as you see that John McCain's wife believed that HE was AGAINST over-turning Roe v. Wade, and the McCain type Republicans like Cindy have been trained to say they are pro-life while even supporting Roe v. Wade:

Couric: The scuttlebutt, if you will, behind the scenes is that Sen. McCain really wanted Joe Lieberman to be his running mate, but social conservatives would have found him unacceptable because of his position on abortion.

McCain: My husband and Joe are very good friends. And, wouldn't it be nice to work with your best friend? Of course. But we had to consider other things as well. And reform being the, as you know, my husband's most important issue, and my husband felt that Gov. Palin was a better fit for that.

Couric: Some, even Republicans, seemed surprised that Sen. McCain picked a running mate who opposes abortion even in the cases of rape and incest... And I'm just curious, do you agree with that? ... Where do you stand on abortion?

McCain: I'm pro-life. I'm on the record as being pro-life, like my husband.

Couric: So do you oppose it even in cases of rape and incest?

McCain: No.

Couric: So that's where you [and Sarah Palin] differ in terms of your position on that.

McCain: Uh-huh

Couric: And do you believe Roe V. Wade should be overturned?

McCain: No. no.

Couric: No. Why not? Your husband does.

McCain: No. I don't think he does.

Couric: He believes it should be overturned. That's what he told me, and that it should go to the states.

McCain: Well, in that respect. Yes, yeah, I do. I understand what you're saying now. It's a states issue.

Couric: So, you believe it should be overturned or shouldn't be overturned.

McCain: I believe it's a states issue [BE: This intense wickedness and cover for pro abortion Republicans was pioneered by Christian libertarians including Ron Paul who like John McCain is pro-choice, state-by-state.] That I do believe.


Couric: After the interview we contacted the McCain campaign to clarify Cindy McCain's position on abortion. They told us that, like Laura Bush, Mrs. McCain does not advocate overturning Roe v. Wade, which guarantees the legal right to an abortion.

Enyart: Notice how 'pro-life' means NOTHING in leading Republican circles, since many claim to be pro-life AND to support Roe v. Wade. They are child-killers. And these Republicans are lying to Christians for their money and votes to gain power. And sadly, Dr. Dobson is a willing participant to the white-washing of a leading child killer, John McCain.

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