I will surf God -Michael Enyart

Date: Aug 3, 2007 Length: 28:29
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* 7-year Old Michael: Enyart, the sixth of Bob and Cheryl's seven sons, found paper and a pen, and of his own initiative wrote:
The Lord my saver.
I shall praes my Lord for my life.
I will surf God.
If I must be robd of my mune --
And [still] I will love my saveior.

* Jay Sekulow: of the ACLJ issued a major fund raising plea, and DID NOT even mention enforcing, or anything about, the partial-birth abortion ban! Score another point for the Open Letter campaign!

* Steve from Ontario: urged people to watch the Bob Enyart Live DVDs including Terry's Call, Amy's Call, and a host of other great shows!

* John from Ft. Lupton CO: discussed a coma patient's recovery after stimulation of the brain's hypothalamus region.

* BEL Medical Analyst Nurse Maria: phoned in to explain that Terri Schiavo Schindler was not in a coma, and not terminally ill, but had a brain injury. It is morally acceptable to allow an irreversibly dying person to die, but it is wrong to starve anyone to death.

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