At the Name of Any Hinn, Every Knee...

Date: Jan 3, 2007 Length: 28:07
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 * Too Many Lawyers: When you see a sign saying, "No Tree Climbing," "No Sledding," etc., remind your kids that there are too many lawyers in the world. Omaha's lawyers and judges just ruined wonderful inexpensive recreation for thousands of kids by banning sledding...

 * Emily from Colorado Springs: asks how to expose televangelist healers. The bigger question is, what makes 14-year-old Emily so smart?

 * Another Public School Shooting: leaves one student murdered in Tacoma Washington.

Today's Resources: 1) Listen to Bob Enyart's Bible groundbreaking study album on miracles and healings titled Details Galore! 2) Chapter 10 of Bob's life's work, The Plot, lists every miracle in the Bible and identifies the rather startling negative responses of almost all of those who witnessed and even experienced miracles!