Focus on the Process

Date: Jun 23, 2006 Length: 55:28
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CORRECTION: In this program, I misunderstood the topic of Focus on the Family's upcoming Truth Project session titled: Focus on the Process. I was wrong to assume it meant, Focus on the [Political] Process. Rather, in this session, Del Tackett did a great job on the topic of: Who is man, and how does he fit into the larger story, in which Dr. Tackett divided a man's life into six spheres and showed that God is interested in each. I apologize for this error. Still, the overall point that I was making stands:

While Focus on the Family's Truth Project conference gets underway (and BEL has a volunteer there to participate and report back), Bob Enyart presents evidence that our greatest Christian leaders are beginning to accept situational ethics and moral relativism, for example when they approve of American judges who rule in violation of God's enduring command, Do Not Murder, in order to uphold our own man-made legal process. Also, we play a fascinating clip of James Dobson...