Automatic Forgiveness

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* Automatic Forgiveness Keeps People from Christ: Should repentance be superfluous? Many unbelievers have rejected Jesus Christ in part because of the false teaching that Christians should forgive others regardless of whether or not there is repentance. For Jesus Himself taught that ordinarily, repentance should be a prerequisite for Christian forgiveness. For example see Luke 17:3.

* Show Summary from a 2006 BEL ProgramSTOP ME!! Before I Forgive Again...

* Don't Forgive Murders: If you are not God, then you should not forgive a murderer. You only have authority to forgive those who sin against "you" and even then, not for any harm their crime brings to others.

* Don't Forgive the Unrepentant: If someone does not repent, you should NOT forgive them. Millions of Americans who believe in God but reject Christ's Gospel believe that God is all forgiving, and that forgiveness is automatic and does not require repentance. The false Christian teaching that we should automatically forgive everyone puffs up our own flesh making us holier-than-thou, and worse, it helps send millions to hell with the false belief, given to them from Christians, that forgiveness is automatic and does not require repentance. However, Jesus taught that if someone sins against you, "rebuke him! And IF he repents, forgive him."

* Pat from Denver: brought up the cliché that God has unconditional love for man, yet God will send to hell those who reject Him. That's NOT unconditional.

* Forgive Others To Be Forgiven = Law, not Grace: In Matthew chapters 6 and 19, Jesus taught that to be forgiven by God, a man must FIRST forgive others! That is law, NOT grace! God's program for believers today is GRACE, NOT LAW! Under Grace, when we trust Christ, God forgives us of ALL our sin, and forgiving others is a SECONDARY matter. The Four Gospels do not record Jesus using the word "grace" NOT EVEN ONCE, because He came teaching Law, not grace! That is why the Gospels speak of law, commandment, ordinance, regulation, and Moses many dozens of times, frequently by Christ's own words. Later, God gave to the Apostle Paul the teaching of Grace. That is why Jesus only used the word "grace" while talking to Paul, but He never once mentioned the word grace in all four Gospels!

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