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Bob Enyart

Dear NASA, Water is the Enemy of the Origin of Life

NASA has recently agreed with Bob that there's no liquid water on Mars. Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams have fun reporting Creation magazine news blurbs including that NASA has retracted their claim, something Bob brought up in his Stephen Hawking segment last week, and they're now admitting that there's no liquid water on Mars. Meanwhile, something that NASA, accused harasser Lawrence Krauss, and Stephen Hawking have never gotten around to sharing with the public, that water, being the universal solvent, is the enemy of forming the kinds of pre-biotic molecules, like amino acids and polymers, because water ruthlessly dissolves such chemical compounds. Water is essential to maintain life but if life could possibly arise naturally, which it can't, water would be one of the greatest hurdles prohibiting the assembly of thousands of molecules by dissolving them as quickly as they formed. The guys also, courtesy of CMI's Creation magazine, report on two new original biological material fossils, and on Clam National Monument and even more dinosaur bones (and everything else for that matter) being buried in a marine environment.

* Wow! Original Biomaterial Fossils Spreadsheet: See this stunning resource in a concise Google doc, List of Original Biomaterial Fossils, with links to the reporting peer-reviewed papers in leading science journals.

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