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Bob Enyart

Plagiarism & the Canyon’s Initial Conditions

Snippet of Walt Brown's plagiarism letter to Steve AustinJune is Grand Canyon Month at RSR! Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart continues with Part 4 of his Bryan Nickel interview (that begins at First Bob presents the two main reasons why leading creationists have steered people away from Dr. Walt Brown, namely, the canopy theory and plagiarism. (See the canopy reason documented in RSR's flood video and the plagiarism documentation here.) Then Bryan Nickel describes how Walt's Hydroplate Theory explains what the geology of the region and what it was like before the canyon was catastrophically carved. Beginning with the parallel boundaries and flat gaps between the region's strata:

Grand Canyon's parallel layers provide powerful evidence against a 250-million year deposition
Why parallel strata?

- The uniform layers and how their parallel boundaries and flat gaps came to be (Answer: Liquefaction!)
- The newly formed Colorado Rockies and how they were raised up so quickly
- The "great unconformity" at the bottom of the canyon's horizontal layers where the strata is suddenly all tilted and beveled off
- The Colorado Plateau of more than 100,000 square miles of rock rising thousands of feet into the air and how it got up there
- The two ancient great lakes, Hopi and Grand Lakes raised thousands of feet higher than the surrounding terrain
- The water-saturated sedimentary layers beneath and around these lakes, and
- The last initial condition is actually something that was not there until the excavation, the Kaibab Plateau!

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