Bill, Hillary, and Obama All on BEL

* Eric Holder, You Will Write on the Blackboard 200 Times: Bob plays a clips of Obama's barely veiled threat to the Supreme Court not to rule Obama Care unconstitutional. In another audio clip, a federal judge orders Eric Holder and the Justice Department to explain their view on judicial review.

Ken Goes Scott Free

* Ken Scott Slays Goliath: Obama's Justice Department spent hundreds of thousands and sicced no less than five federal prosecutors on Ken Scott (and other prolifers) in an attempt to sue him in civil court for the "crime" of obstructing the entrance to Planned Parenthood even though obstruction is a criminal and not a civil matter.

Lose the Green Jobs; Win the Drug War

* Dept. of Energy's Solar Decathlon: From the My-Father-God-Can-Whoop-Your-Mother-Earth file -- Why is the green-jobs movement a dead end? Why is there a green jobs movement? Spend $500,000 an you can live in a shoe (but it's an allegedly energy efficient shoe).

Kerry Lee Morgan Debates Bob on States' Rights

* Do States have the Authority to De-criminalize Murder: Kerry Lee Morgan, a Michigan attorney, political candidate, and Ron Paul supporter, defends Ron Paul's philosophy that the federal government should be tolerant of the states decriminalizing the murder o

RSR Earthquake Warning Policy ALERT

* Today's 5.8 Earthquake in Virginia Assessed: Today's Virginia earthquake was felt from Atlanta to Chicago to Toronto, Canada with noticeable shaking in the concrete jungle of Manhattan Island and in Boston. The White House and Pentagon were evacuated and two nuclear reactors were taken off line. But no, the Washington Monument is not tilting as Megyn Kelly of Fox News had reported. But of course, this earthquake reminds us of the importance of the BEL Earthquake Warning Policy.

* BEL Earthquake Warning Policy: In 2004 two of the four participants in an Age of the Earth Debate who faced off were Bob Enyart and John Nicholl, the former president of EEGS, Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society. After the debate, Nicholl asked Enyart, if the earth really were young, and had recently experienced a global flood, that would mean that geologists should give governments greater warnings about earthquake risks, so do you think we should do that? Bob answered yes, governments should be warned of earthquake risks greater than that predicted by old-earth assumptions.

Since that debate on Feb. 28, 2004 the world has not only seen the recent quakes that made the headlines like in Italy and Haiti, but three of the top ten (five of the top 15) most powerful earthquakes since 1900 have hit since that recent debate:
- 2004-12-26 Mag. 9.1 Off Coast of Sumatra
- 2010-2-27 Mag. 8.8 Offshore Chile 
- 2011-3-11 Mag. 9.0 Off Coast of Japan

Superstition is No Joke!


* Major Submission: Bob and co-host  Doug McBurney are shocked to learn that Hillary Clinton was introduced at a Saudi Women's college by a professor with ties to radical Islam, (mostly they were shocked that there is actually a women's college in Saudi Arabia).

Doug Asks Bob the Big Three

Bob responds with biblical wisdom when co-host Doug McBurney asks his "three big questions of the week."

* First: Should the prosecution in a court of law be required to offer a detailed theory regarding exactly how the crime was committed? And what should be the standard to which a prosecution should be held?

The Real Christian Conspiracy

* Militants on a Mission: Guest host Doug McBurney reports on the concerns of representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Texas, that it is Christians, and not Moslems that might pose a greater threat to the laws of our nati