CO Supreme Court OKs Personhood Initiative

* The Colorado Personhood Coalition to Start 2012 Petition Drive: "We're on everyone! Saddle up!" said Susan Sutherland, initiative coordinator on the news that the state Supreme Court today rejected Planned Parenthood's challenge to the latest personhood effort to seek statewide ballot access. We thank God for this blessing! And we appreciate the great work done by Kristi Burton (the 2008 personhood sponsor) and John Case and his legal team at Benson and Case for defending the personhood initiative before the court!

How to Tebow Right!

* Colorado March for Life: Be there! The Colorado Right to Life sponsors the March for Life on the west steps of the capital in Denver this Saturday, Jan 21 at noon! Hear Mike Adams of speak alongside other Personhood heroes at the 2012 March for Life.

What's Not Happening This Week

What IS happening is that along with a Newt Gingrich TV ad and a Red State article, many folks are pointing to for the truth on leaders and their positions on abortion. And what IS happening is that after the big evangelical summit in Texas many Christian leaders and groups are supporting personhood pledger Rick Santorum for the Republican nomination. And what IS happening is the annual Colorado March for Life (and for a March in any city or state, check

Personhood Pledgers Get 75% of Iowa Vote

* 75% of Iowans at the Caucus Voted for the Five of Six: Five of the top six Iowa Caucus candidates who signed the Personhood pledge combined received 75 percent of the vote! And because those five split the pro-life vote, it's not surprising that Rick Santorum only tied with Mitt Romney rather than trouncing him.

Mason & Deace Talk with Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, & Perry

* Thousands Join Personhood Town Hall: 26,000 people listened by phone to Personhood USA's presidential tele-town hall and hundreds of thousands more listened in through Salem Radio Network's brand new nationally syndicated talk radio program, The Steve Deace Show, with this special edition of Steve's program airing also on the 88 radio stations of the" target="_

The Colorado 2012 Right To Life Amendment

* Today's Press Conference at the Capitol: A coalition today launched Round Three, Colorado's third attempt to protect every unborn child by love and by law. Personhood Colorado, Personhood USA, and Colorado Right To Life announced the wording of Colorado's 2012 Right To Life amendment.

* The 2012 Colorado Right To Life Amendment:

Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Colorado Article II of the Constitution of the State of Colorado is amended by the addition of a new section to read: