Favorite BEL Links

Favorite BEL Links

* DenverBibleChurch.com, TheologyOnline.com, & KGOV.com/gospel 
* AmericanRTL.org, ProlifeProfiles.com, PersonhoodUSA.com, & ColoradoRTL.org
* YoungEarth.com, RememberTheNautiloids.com, & DinosaurSoftTissue.com,
* RealScienceRadio.com, 360dayyear.com, & rsr.org
* FoodEmailClubs.com
* ShadowGov.com, the best missionaries, and Plugged In will tell you if a film has sexual immorality and vulgarity (but then use your own higher standards)

* More Creation/Evolution: creation.com, CreationResearchSociety.org, crsq.org, the Evolution Fairytale site of Bob's Real Science Radio co-host, Fred Williams, and finally, Bob's and Fred's absolute favorite, Dr. Walt Brown's CreationScience.com!

* Interview with God
* Pregnancy Centers OptionLine
* GE 4D Ultrasound!
* AbortionTV
* The Family Research Institute on Homosexuality
* ClinicWorker.com

And Helpful Neighborhood Businesses:
* Johnson Garage Door Denver Area
* Papa's Home Improvements Chula Vista, CA (and on the 2016 Top Ten List of San Deigo Handymen at Thumbtack and check out the wife's Tasting Real Health blog!)
* Clear Drive Windshield Chip Repair West Denver Metropolitan Area, Timothy Noffsinger
Uncle Brian's Home Improvements Denver Area
* TonyWrites.com long-time friend and promoter for BEL who has a great of copywriting and ad production service for any website or business owner or manager or other entrepreneur who could use help with their message, branding, ads, jingles, etc.

You can advertise your business, your own site or your favorite site on KGOV and support BEL at the same time! Call 1-800-836-9278 or order it online!