Dobson Abandons Abortion Pledge

Focus on the Family admits that Dr. James Dobson has abandoned his pledge to never again vote
for a politician willing to kill a single innocent child. Below, Dr. Dobson personally replies to this report
, but does not address the statements made by his Focus staff member Ross
Marshall (in their President's Office department), who writes this letter "on behalf of our staff," to
James Craddock, an elder of Denver Bible Church:

Page 2:

Dear Dr. James Dobson,

I am saddened, along with pastor Bob Enyart, that you now promote legal positivism, elevating man's law (the constitution, precedent, etc.), above "Thou shall not murder."  Our Christian leaders are now more faithful to political strategies than they are to God's law, and you more readily compromise on Do Not Murder than on Republican Party politics.  Our goal is not to oppose Republicans, but to convince Christians foremost to obey God's principles of justice including, “do not kill the innocent” (Ex. 23:7); do not "transgress the commandment of God because of your tradition" (Mat. 15:3); and do not "do evil that good may come" (Rom. 3:8). An example of the compromise of Focus on the Family is your failure to inform your listeners of Judge Samuel Alito's decade-long string of extremist, pro-abortion rulings (see KGOV Alito Report Card).  Carrie Gordon Earle, a Focus spokeswoman, told the media that you are less interested in a judge's position on abortion than in his judicial philosophy.  And likewise, on Nov. 8, 2005, Gary Bauer wrote, "On the 2000 partial-birth case… Alito… wrote a separate concurring opinion that simply cited Stenberg as binding precedent.  As a judge committed to judicial restraint, that's exactly what he  should do…"  Dr. Dobson, you are leading the evangelical Christian community to the exact place that "good" Germans were, in the holocaust; for as legal positivists, they justified their participation in the slaughter of the innocent because they were merely following orders, obeying the law, and following precedent, doing "exactly what a good judge should do."  Because "teachers... shall receive a stricter judgment" (James 3:1), you should remember what the Apostle Peter said, "We must obey God rather than men" (Acts 5:29).  I respectfully request you to reconsider your position, Dr. Dobson, for you are leading Christians to a sad commitment: "We must obey man, rather than God."

In Christ,
James Craddock
Elder, Denver Bible Church

Focus Admits To Their Legal Positivism

Focus on the Family has now explicitly admitted their commitment to legal positivism in their February 2006 Citizen Magazine.  Dr. Dobson actually approves of a ruling to keep partial birth abortion legal on process grounds.  His justification is that the legal process takes precedence over Do Not Murder.  The Focus article, Alito’s Abortion Rulings, was written by Bruce Hausknecht, Dobson’s Judicial Analyst (referenced in Dr. Dobson's personal letter below), who had attended Bob Enyart’s live presentation there of Focus on the Strategy:

“New Jersey enacted a statute prohibiting partial-birth abortion, in which a baby is partially delivered feet-first and its brain matter removed…  Alito joined his other panel colleagues in following the Supreme Court precedent, overturning the New Jersey statute [keeping PBA legal]. Once again, Alito made clear in a concurring opinion [2000] that the Stenberg decision controlled the result in the New Jersey situation.  … Does the fact that Alito voted for a pro-abortion position in three out of the four cases indicate that he endorses a legal right to abortion on demand?  Hardly.  …an appellate judge… is to follow the statutes and the Constitution and apply Supreme Court precedent… Thus Alito faithfully and dutifully performed in each of these cases, reflecting his judicial restraint and faithfulness to the true role of judges.” -Bruce Hausknecht is Focus on the Family’s judicial analyst.

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Dr. Dobson's Handwritten Note
: May I be extremely candid in this last statement? Even though and and I clearly disagree on
the issues addressed above, I wonder why you would target me for disdain when I have dedicated my very life
to protecting the sanctity of life. Few defenders of the preborn child have more consistently fought
to preserve those precious babies ― working behind the scenes in Washington, attending & speaking at rallies,
recording dozens of radio & television programs, etc. Why do you choose to weaken my effort & ignore the
wicked voices in the culture

KGOV Note:  Pastor Bob Enyart has constantly expressed love for Dr. Dobson over the past 15 years on radio
and per a phone call with this Montana listener, Gary also affirms his love for Dr. Dobson, and hopes to *strengthen,*
not weaken, Focus on the Family, and also, like BEL's constant attitude in our Focus on the Strategy, Gary's letter
was not written in "disdain," but in sadness, hope, and "grieving beyond words:"

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