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Date Title
Nov 8 Astronomer Danny Falkner on RSR on Flat Earth Claims
Nov 1 David Coppedge on RSR on Rapid Geological Processes
Oct 25 RSR's Echolocation Pt. 3
Oct 18 The 360-Day Year on Real Science Radio
Oct 11 Cassini System Admin Coppedge on the Saturn Mission
Oct 4 The Creator's Coding Library: Winston Ewert on RSR
Oct 2 Debunking 7 Myths with Pat Roy of Genesis Apologetics
Sep 27 RSR's List of Doubts Christians Have
Sep 20 Keeping RSR on Air (and science tidbits that slay atheism)
Sep 13 RSR's Echolocation Pt. 2
Sep 6 Another scientist doubting Darwin and other expected (i.e., awesome) developments!
Aug 30 RSR's List of Problems with the Evolution of Echolocation
Aug 23 Zebra Finches and Zebra Fish Uniquely Share 19 Gene Families!
Aug 16 Bob's One Shot at Hugh Ross' Reasons to Believe
Aug 9 Evolution's Big Squeeze Pt. 3
Aug 2 Evolution's Big Squeeze Pt. 2
Jul 26 Evolution's Big Squeeze
Jul 19 Smoot vs. Plate Tectonics on RSR with McHenry Pt. 3
Jul 12 Smoot vs. Plate Tectonics on RSR with McHenry Pt. 2
Jul 5 Chris Smoot vs. Plate Tectonics on RSR with Ellen McHenry
Jun 28 Evolution's Blunders, Frauds & Forgeries
Jun 21 40-year Academia Veteran Corroborates RSR Criticism
Jun 14 Bergman on Eisenhower: WWII was Creation vs. Evolution!
Jun 7 Useless Organs: The rise and fall of evolution's claim
May 31 RSR with Jerry Bergman on the "Poor Design" Invalid Argument
May 24 RSR asks Ranger Mike, What can you learn on a safari?
May 17 Soft Tissue Deniers in Hot Water
May 10 The RSR Coal Prediction & The Pattern Made by Buried Fossils
May 3 RSR's Fred Williams is back celebrating creationist advances
Apr 26 Flat Earth Circular Logic: The Hot New Documentary!
Apr 19 RSR Answers the HPT CRUST Heat Problem: Final
Apr 17 Michael Behe RSR Interview Decades in the Making
Apr 12 RSR Answers the HPT CRUST Heat Problem
Apr 10 Hear Dr. Cone Here and Now and then on Friday at RMCF!
Apr 5 RSR Answers the HPT Atmosphere & Oceans Heat Problem
Mar 29 RSR Answers the HPT Atmosphere Heat Problem
Mar 22 RSR Answers the Hydroplate Theory Heat Problem
Mar 15 Tim Mahoney on BEL on the Origin of the Alphabet
Mar 8 Archaeologist Titus Kennedy on the New Testament on RSR!
Mar 1 FNC: Fake News Channel's Fake NASA Claim
Feb 22 Ice in the North, the South, in Smollett and New York
Feb 15 RSR's List of Scientists Doubting Darwin
Feb 8 RSR's List of Transient Lunar Phenomena (maintained)
Feb 1 Earth's "oldest" rock found WHERE? (and other affirmations)
Jan 25 Quantum biology: Our seemingly impossible sense of smell
Jan 18 Top Mathematicians: Ants & Bees, Mold & Amoebas
Jan 11 RSR & Nathan from Georgia on Creation and Evolution
Jan 4 14-year-old Nathan from Georgia calls RSR
Dec 28 What did one plant say to the other plant?
Dec 21 RSR: The Star of Bethlehem
Dec 14 Dr. Silvia on the Tall el-Hammam Destruction Event
Dec 7 RSR on the Day-Age and Gap Theories
Nov 30 RSR Previews Next Week's Show on Gen 1:1-2
Nov 23 Fountains of MAGMA (?) of the Great Deep. Huh?
Nov 16 Meteorites with diamonds in them had to come from...
Nov 9 Dust (Bunny) Satellites & The Sound of the (Grammar) Police
Nov 2 RSR: How the Flesh is like Gravity
Oct 26 That Moon Just Won't Go Away!
Oct 19 Vatican Arrests of ARTL Paesanos; Vortex Rings & Pocahontas
Oct 12 RSR's List of Scholars Doubting Darwin
Oct 5 RSR's List of Not So Old Things
Sep 28 Calling on Travis Barlock to Retract Rodhocetus Claim
Sep 21 Quantum biology: Doing what standard chemistry and physics can't
Sep 14 RSR's Science News Headlines and a Bit More
Sep 12 Friday’s RMCF Speaker Dave Nutting on Costa Rica’s Design Evidence
Sep 7 Stigler's Law Aside, Shouldn't Darwinism Be Wallacism? Pt 2
Aug 31 Stigler's Law Aside, Shouldn't Darwinism Be Wallacism?
Aug 24 RSR Trying to Launch Flat-earther into Space. Really!
Aug 17 Rebutting Hawaii's "Hotspot" Origin: The Grand Finale
Aug 10 Rebutting Hawaii's "Hotspot" Origin Pt. 2
Aug 3 Hawaii Hotspot Hypothesis Widely Discredited
Jul 27 Hawaii's Kilauea Volcanic Eruption, Uniformitarianism & the Young Earth
Jul 20 NASA Admits Water is a Problem for the Origin of Life
Jul 13 Huge Genetic Study: Recent Appearance of Animal Life!
Jul 6 Einstein's Is and Ought
Jun 29 Hydroplate Theory Explanation for the Grand Canyon
Jun 22 The Grand Canyon’s Initial Conditions (& plagiarism)
Jun 15 List of Problems with 'The Flood Carved the Canyon'
Jun 8 List of Problems with the Canyon's Millions of Years
Jun 1 RSR's List of Problems with 'The River Carved the Canyon'
May 25 RSR's Evidence for the Flood Pt. 3
May 18 RSR's Evidence for the Flood Pt. 2
May 11 RSR's List of Evidence for the Global Flood
May 4 YouTube-censored RSR Big Bang video back on YouTube!
Apr 27 Slaying the Iron Maiden II: Mary Schweitzer's Vulnerability
Apr 20 Slaying the Iron Maiden: Mary Schweitzer's Vulnerability
Apr 13 Brian Enyart Live now for RSR
Apr 6 India's Oldest Language Rewrites Human History
Mar 30 Another WWB Discovery: Nature's Mediterranean Megaflood!
Mar 23 Dear NASA, Water is the Enemy of the Origin of Life
Mar 16 Real Science Radio and Stephen Hawking
Mar 9 RSR's List of Six Problems with Eye Evolution
Mar 2 Bob & Fred Ask for Help to Bring RSR Through 2018
Feb 23 Special on RSR: Theology Thursday's Eternal Life & Heaven
Feb 16 RSR's Launch a Flat-earther into Space via Kickstarter!
Feb 9 Dr. Ann Gauger on Darwinism's Six Enzyme Problems
Feb 2 On China's Cloned Monkeys with Biologist Ann Gauger
Jan 26 The Genius of Ancient Man
Jan 19 Rewriting Human History Again? Say It Isn't So!
Jan 12 On UFOs: RSR 2, Demons 0
Jan 5 The Fine-Tuning of the Universe, Solar System and Earth
Dec 29 RSR's List of Not So Old Things
Dec 22 RSR: The Star of Bethlehem
Dec 15 RSR's Pre-Christmas Show with the Top Ten Reasons Why...
Dec 8 RSR Listing Theories In Order of How Bad They Are
Dec 1 2 Discoveries; 2 Announcements; 2 Debates
Nov 24 Speaking of Thanksgiving: Two bird wings...
Nov 17 Serpent and Staff, Paradise Lost, & the Big Squeeze
Nov 10 RSR Debrief of Geology Field Trip with Walt Brown
Nov 3 Slaughter of the Dissidents Author Slaughtered
Oct 27 Bergman on How Darwinism Corrodes Morality Pt. 2
Oct 20 Tim Mahoney on RSR on the Patterns Collector's Edition
Oct 13 Nearing the Cure for Muscular Dystrophy After 20-Year Delay
Oct 6 SETI; Metagenomics Prediction; Polystrates; and Another WWB Discovery!
Sep 29 Oops on Soft Tissue; A Brightening Quasar; and the Missing RSR Underwriter!
Sep 22 A Possible Cause of Death of Denver's Dino Fossil Preparator
Sep 15 New BEL Telethon Option: Joining the RSR Research Team
Sep 8 RSR Prediction: Asteroid Florence May Have 2 Moons. Confirmed!
Sep 1 Hurricanes, Today's Asteroid, Cancer Antibodies, and Other News
Aug 25 Bergman on How Darwinism Corrodes Morality
Aug 22 Hello Ross, here's that email on the eclipse you asked for...
Aug 18 The Great American Eclipse RSR Style Pt. 2
Aug 11 Bergman on Anti-Evolutionist C. S. Lewis: The Most Prolific Creationist on the Best-Selling Christian Author
Aug 4 The Great American Eclipse - RSR Style
Jul 28 Insect Ears and Fruit Fly Expert Jerry Coyne
Jul 21 Did It Rain Before the Flood? Pt. 3
Jul 14 Did It Rain Before the Flood? Pt. 2
Jul 7 Did It Rain Before the Flood?
Jun 30 Major DNA Mummy Study: Out-of-Africa or Out-of-Babel?
Jun 23 A Good Ol' Fashioned Creation Mag Headlines RSR Show
Jun 16 "Dead" Patients Who've Recovered Pt. 2
Jun 9 List of Brain Dead Patients Who've Recovered
Jun 2 RSR: Information Is Not Physical
May 26 RSR's List of Evidence Against Alien UFOs
May 19 RSR's List of Evidence for the Exodus Pt. 8
May 12 RSR Exodus Pt. 7: Ipuwer A Rich Man (2)
May 5 RSR Exodus Pt. 6: Ipuwer A Rich Man (1)
Apr 28 RSR's List of Evidence for the Exodus Pt. 5
Apr 21 RSR's List of Evidence for the Exodus Pt. 4
Apr 14 RSR's List of Evidence for the Exodus Pt. 3
Apr 7 RSR's List of Evidence for the Exodus Pt 2
Mar 31 Evidence for the Exodus
Mar 24 Scientist from "Is Genesis History?" film on RSR
Mar 17 List of Collapsing Natural Bridges/Geological Formations
Mar 10 Real Science Radio Interviews Bestselling Author of Gosnell
Mar 3 Cold-Case Detective Finds an Intruder in the Universe
Feb 24 RSR's List of List Shows Pt. 2
Feb 17 RSR's List of List Shows
Feb 10 Targeted Antibody Cancer Treatment: Overview of the Revolution
Feb 3 Fred Williams on Fake Science News & Dinosaur Soft Tissue
Jan 27 Creation Evolution Headlines II with David Coppedge on RSR
Jan 20 ORIGIN, the film!
Jan 13 Bryan Nickel Answers Oard's "Linear Crack" Hydroplate Theory Objection
Jan 6 Kevin Lea Answers the "Pacific Crust" Hydroplate Objection
Jan 4 Atheist Michael Newdow Debates Christian Bob Enyart
Dec 30 Kevin Lea Answers the "Geometry Problem" Hydroplate Objection
Dec 23 RSR: The Star of Bethlehem
Dec 16 RSR Shares Jonathan Sarfati's Editorial Pt. 2
Dec 9 RSR Shares Jonathan Sarfati's Editorial
Dec 2 Benjamin Dancer Scares the Daylights Out of RSR
Nov 25 Deep Magma Can't Rise but Sinks: The Crossover Depth!
Nov 18 RSR's The Wasp Show
Nov 11 Geologist and Tour Guide Dave Nutting on RSR
Nov 4 RSR: Human 2 Is Not 2 Fused Chimp Chromosomes
Oct 28 RSR's List of Problems with "Lucy" as an Upright Walker
Oct 21 Glacier National Park: Geology of Catastrophism
Oct 14 MAGMA? (first airing of this program)
Oct 7 MRI Inventor Damadian's Neurodegenerative Breakthrough
Sep 30 Pat Roy of Jonathan Park Fame now with Genesis Apologetics
Sep 23 RSR's List of the Fathers of Science Pt. 3
Sep 16 RSR's List of the Fathers of Science Pt. 2
Sep 9 RSR's List of Creationist Fathers of the Physical Sciences
Sep 2 Summer 2016 Creation Magazine Headlines on RSR!
Aug 26 Doug Axe on RSR on his Historic Discovery of Protein Structure
Aug 19 Patrick Henry College Geology Prof. David Lee on RSR
Aug 12 Ray Comfort on The Atheist Delusion on RSR
Aug 5 Albright's Flood Model Controversy Pt 3: VCT, CPT, & HPT
Jul 29 CPT - Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (Albright's Flood Models Controversy Series Pt 2)
Jul 22 Vapor Canopy and the Hydroplate Theory (Albright's Flood Models Controversy Series)
Jul 15 Hey Brian Thomas, "Why Is Carbon 14 everywhere it shouldn't be?"
Jul 8 Brian Thomas: Two Bird Wings in Amber Means...
Jul 1 RSR Welcomes Back Molecular Biologist Kevin Anderson
Jun 24 West Virginia's Best-Known Enemy of Evolution on RSR
Jun 20 The Legendary Creationist Dave Nutting on RSR!
Jun 17 RSR on Facebook Bias, the Gorilla, and the Cancer Care Revolution
Jun 8 Kevin Anderson, Dino Soft Tissue Hunter & Molecular Biologist on RSR
Jun 3 The Multiverse is a Yardstick to Measure the Strength of the Fine-Tuning Argument
May 27 Apologist Frank Turek on Real Science Radio
May 20 Multiplied Claims that Things Evolved Multiple Times Destroy Darwin's Tree
May 13 Hydroplate Theory Tutorial Producer Pt 2
May 6 Bryan Nickel Hydroplate Theory Tutorial Producer on RSR
May 2 Tonight! Climate Hustle at a Theater Near You
Apr 29 RSR's Report on the 50th Anniversary of the Wistar Conference
Apr 22 RSR Explains Targeted Antibodies
Apr 15 American College of Pediatricians on RSR
Apr 8 Spring 2016 Creation Mag Headlines Pt 2
Apr 1 More Polish Kids Surviving Cerebral Palsy: RSR Knows Why
Mar 25 Rerun: Creation Magazine Headlines
Mar 18 Spring 2016 Creation Magazine Headlines on RSR!
Mar 11 RSR's List of the TEs of the Solar System Pt 2
Mar 4 List of the Transient Events in the Solar System (TESS)
Feb 26 The Inventor of the MRI on Real Science Radio Pt 2
Feb 19 The Inventor of the MRI on Real Science Radio
Feb 12 Dr. Spencer Answers HPT Objections Pt. 2
Feb 5 Dr. Josh Spencer Answers HPT Objections
Jan 29 RSR Kicks Back with some Science News
Jan 22 headlines on RSR with David Coppedge
Jan 15 The 360 Day Year on RSR Pt. 3
Jan 8 The 360-Day Year on RSR Pt. 2
Jan 1 The 360-Day Year on Real Science Radio
Dec 25 RSR: The Star of Bethlehem
Dec 18 The Real Science Radio Christmas Show
Dec 11 ICR's Dinosaur Tissue Expert Brian Thomas on RSR
Dec 4 RSR: Breaking News on Shootings and Science
Nov 27 RSR on Memory Lane with Skull Pt. 2
Nov 24 Protecting Your Family from Films and the Web
Nov 20 RSR: The Skull 1470 Dating Saga
Nov 13 RSR: Liberty University’s Marcus Ross in Studio
Nov 6 RSR Debates a 1611 Bible Translation
Oct 30 RSR in the UK with University of Liverpool's Steve Taylor
Oct 23 RSR in the UK with a Research Professor from Leeds
Oct 16 RSR in Portsmouth UK with Genesis Expo
Oct 14 Jurassic Dinosaur Soft Tissue DVD from Trey Smith & Bob Enyart
Oct 9 The Hungary Geneticist: Trends Contradict Darwinism
Oct 2 Finding Noah's Brent Baum on RSR
Sep 28 King James Only Debate: Translators never-before-seen hand-written testimony
Sep 25 Once Again: Brought to You by the Number Three
Sep 18 RSR: How the Flesh is like Gravity
Sep 11 Patterns of Evidence filmmaker Timothy Mahoney on RSR
Sep 4 John West and Darwin Day in America on RSR
Aug 28 RSR: Bob and Fred Report on Flood Model Progress
Aug 21 Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans
Aug 14 RSR's List of Evidence Against Global Warming
Aug 7 David Rives: Creation in the 21st Century on RSR
Jul 31 Eric Hovind on Real Science Radio
Jul 24 RSR's List of Solar System Formation Problems 2
Jul 17 RSR's List of Problems with Solar System Formation
Jul 10 Race on Real Science Radio
Jul 3 NASA Rocket Scientist on Real Science Radio
Jun 26 RSR: June is Whale Month Pt. 4
Jun 24 A Cup of Wrath and a Vat of Greece
Jun 19 RSR: June is Whale Month Pt. 3
Jun 12 RSR: June is Whale Month Pt. 2
Jun 10 More Soft Tissue Confirms RSR Dino Prediction
Jun 5 RSR's List of Evidence Against Whale Evolution
May 29 RSR's Software Invention: The Omniscient Display.exe
May 25 Calling on Travis Barlock to Retract Rodhocetus Claim
May 22 NYC Endocrinologist Dr. Joel Brind on RSR
May 15 Bill Jack is Back, Now at DU Debating Evolution
May 13 Coming Soon: The Genesis Game from Covenant Media
May 8 B.S. in Forest Mgmt; M.S. in Environment; Doctor in...
May 1 Fired Jet Propulsion Lab Admin on RSR
Apr 24 Oxford Prof: Central Darwinian Assumptions Disproved
Apr 17 RSR: Darwin vs Bee Vomit & Mosquito Reproduction
Apr 10 RSR vs. The Blood Moon Prophecy Fad
Apr 3 Real Science Radio's Case Against Pot: 2015
Mar 27 What is the Firmament of Day 2?
Mar 20 Overpopulation, RSR, and Wanted: More People!
Mar 13 RSR: Now, Rocks Make Life! Huh?
Mar 6 RSR: Another missing link, or just a bad set of teeth?
Feb 27 RSR: Noted Physicist John Hartnett Our Big Bang List Pt 2
Feb 20 Noted Physicist John Hartnett on Our Big Bang List
Feb 13 RSR: Historical & Observational Science Equally Good
Feb 6 RSR on Euthanasia, Dawkins, & Eagle Eggs
Jan 30 RSR: Every (Comet) Scientist Works for Walt Brown!
Jan 23 Two Fathers of Evolution Theory and Natural Selection
Jan 16 RSR Enjoys Don Batten's Creationist Contributions
Jan 9 RSR: Jesus & Anne Habermehl Use the Septuagint
Jan 2 RSR: Renowned Scientist Sternberg on Junk DNA
Dec 30 From Noah’s Ark to a Fervent Heat
Dec 26 RSR: Y-chromosomal Adam, mtEve, and the Dispersion
Dec 19 RSR's The Astronomical Star of Bethlehem
Dec 12 RSR: Creation Magazine's Year-End Edition
Dec 5 Dr. Carter on Evolution's Achilles' Heels Pt. 2
Nov 28 RSR: Rob Carter on Evolution's Achilles' Heels
Nov 25 RSR's BB Predictions Pt. 2
Nov 24 RSR's List of Big Bang Predictions
Nov 21 Spike: Multiverse Absurdity and Boltzmann Brains Pt 2
Nov 14 What is the Multiverse: Real Science Radio Answers
Nov 7 RSR on Ebola with Dr. Jonathan Sarfati
Oct 31 RSR on Geocentrism & Delano's Film: Pt 2
Oct 24 Geocentrism Rebuttal by Real Science Radio
Oct 17 RSR's List of Apparent Biological Material in Space
Oct 10 RSR Debates Alleged Eye Evolution Pt 3
Oct 3 RSR Debates Alleged Eye Evolution Pt 2
Sep 26 Problems with the Evolution of Vision Systems/Eyes
Sep 19 RSR on the Origin of Trans-Neptunian Objects
Sep 12 Finally, Behemoth Discovered! Plus a Genome Update.
Sep 9 I Love the Smell of Rain
Sep 5 Cal State Scientist Fired for Dino Photos, Now on RSR
Aug 29 Hear the BB Doubters List at 24:40 In
Aug 22 RSR: Europa, the Pig, and his Family
Aug 15 Now Oil Goes On the List of Not So Old Things
Aug 8 Intelligent Design & Discovery Institute Scientist Interviews
Aug 1 Richard Holland: God, Time, and the Incarnation Pt 7
Jul 25 Richard Holland: God, Time, and the Incarnation Pt 2
Jul 11 RSR's List of Answers to Hydroplate Objections Pt. 2
Jul 4 Stephen Meyer Rebutting Critics on RSR
Jun 27 RSR's List of Shocked Evolutionists
Jun 25 What Do Thorns Have To Do With It?
Jun 20 John Hartnett on Surface Brightness and the Expansion
Jun 13 RSR: When Did Adam and Eve Sin?
Jun 6 Real Science Radio Goes To Math Class
May 30 Earth & Mercury's Decaying Magnetic Fields
May 23 The Soft Tissue (i.e., Science) Deniers
May 16 Darwinism: The Universal Acid
May 9 RSR: Hitler and the NAZI Darwinian Worldview
May 5 Breaking: Leading Whale Fossils Faked
May 2 RSR Wound Up Over a Molecular Clock
Apr 25 RSR's List of Missing Transititional Fossils
Apr 18 RSR: Eyewitnesses Not Needed for Execution
Apr 11 Creation Mag Headlines & Another Prediction Confirmed!
Apr 7 RSR Offers Bet to Governor; Neonatologist on Our Side
Apr 4 The Most Informative Neanderthal Show Ever!
Mar 28 The Most Informative Neanderthal Show Ever!
Mar 21 RSR's 2014 BB Show
Mar 14 Philosopher of Science Paul Nelson on Bird Flight
Mar 7 RSR: Schooling National Geographic on Camels
Feb 28 RSR Listeners Weigh In On Creation Debate
Feb 21 RSR's List of Creation Science Predictions
Feb 14 RSR Nye/Ham Debate Analysis Pt. 3
Feb 10 Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate RSR Analysis Pt. 2
Feb 7 RSR Analysis of the Bill Nye-Ken Ham Debate
Jan 31 Asteroid Challenges Naturalism, Supports Walt Brown
Jan 24 RSR's List of Not So Old Things
Jan 17 RSR: Another Terrific Creation Magazine Issue
Jan 10 Hundreds of Moms & Babies Survive Ectopic Pregnancy
Jan 6 Neonatologist on RSR about Jahi McMath
Jan 3 Deep Wells--Deep Time? 14c There Too?
Jan 1 RSR: The Case Against Pot
Dec 27 ICR's Fresh Fossils List Pt 2
Dec 25 Rerun: The Astronomical Star of Bethlehem
Dec 20 RSR Reports on ICR's Fresh Fossils List
Dec 13 The Real Science Radio Christmas Show
Dec 10 Ray Comfort on BEL on Evolution vs God
Dec 6 RSR: How Many Animals Were on the Ark?
Nov 29 RSR: List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit
Nov 22 If it looks like baloney, and tastes like baloney...
Nov 15 RSR with the QED Guy on Logic Lessons
Nov 8 How Do Strata Form? Berthault's Geology Guy on RSR
Nov 1 Jericho and the Archaeological Evidence for the Bible's Account
Oct 25 List of C-14 Everywhere It Shouldn't Be; Etc.
Oct 22 Death Panels Catch Up with Warren Hern
Oct 18 Don Johnson on Programming of Life Pt 2
Oct 11 Don Johnson on Programming of Life
Oct 4 Triceratops Soft Tissue: Osteocytes with filipodia no less!
Sep 27 RSR's List of the Fine Tuned Features of the Universe
Sep 20 RSR: Brought to You By the Number Three
Sep 17 Bill Maher, Bill Nye, Evolution Just Don't Fly
Sep 13 CMB: Real Science Radio on the Axis of Evil
Sep 6 RSR: Dragons are Evidence Man Lived with Dinosaurs
Aug 30 RSR's List of Scholars Doubting Darwin & the Big Bang
Aug 23 RSR Reports on the ICC Pt 2
Aug 16 RSR Reports on the Int'l Creation Conference
Aug 9 Nuclear Chemist, Stephen Meyer & Radiometric Dating
Aug 2 Stephen Meyer & Darwin's Doubt on RSR
Jul 26 RSR's List of Answers to Hydroplate Theory Objections
Jul 19 Dr. Giem Grades the RSR 14C Report an A-
Jul 12 Dr. Paul Giem Grades the RSR 14C Report
Jul 10 Nuclear Chemistry Ph.D. Jay Wile on BEL
Jul 5 RSR Butterflies & Bogs
Jun 28 Astronomer Danny Faulkner on the 360-Day Year
Jun 21 The Genius of Ancient Man: Don Landis on RSR
Jun 14 RSR: Dobzhansky Deconstructed Pt. 4
Jun 7 RSR: Dobzhansky 40 Years Later Pt. 3
May 31 RSR: Dobzhansky 40 Years Later Pt. 2
May 24 Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution?
May 17 2013 List of Dinosaur Soft Tissue Finds
May 10 RSR Update: The Search for Noah's Ark
May 3 RSR: Another Not So Old Thing... Reefs!
Apr 26 Ant Bee May Bury Darwin in Mold
Apr 19 RSR Reviews the History Channel's The Bible
Apr 12 RSR: What's a Gland?
Apr 5 The Journal Nature and the Bible: 200 Generations
Mar 29 RSR: Evidence Against the Big Bang Pt. 2
Mar 22 RSR's 2013 List of Evidence Against the Big Bang
Mar 19 The End Times, The Harbinger, and Jonathan Cahn on BEL
Mar 15 Real Science Radio: Is God Outside of Time?
Mar 8 RSR: Perceptions Beyond the Five Senses
Mar 1 A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Too Far Away
Feb 22 Not Vestigial (including whales' "leg" and "pelvic" bones)
Feb 15 Real Science Radio Loves the Journal Nature
Feb 8 Liquefaction Made Most of the Paper Thin Fossils
Feb 1 RSR's 2013 List of Not So Old Things Pt 3
Jan 25 2013 List of Not So Old Things Pt 2
Jan 18 2013 List of Not So Old Things
Jan 11 Plate Tectonics: Subduction Doesn't Happen
Jan 4 RSR: The Cosmological Principle
Dec 28 A young volcano, moon, bacteria, and DNA
Dec 21 The Trouble with Chalk (for evolutionists)
Dec 14 Insect Ears and Fruit Fly Expert Jerry Coyne
Dec 7 Feature creep, poison frogs, & whaddya say?
Nov 30 An Animator's Perspective on the Global Flood
Nov 23 Creationist Interviews Lawrence Krauss: Rerun
Nov 16 A Bird, a Quadrillion Bacteria, and a Bible Tour
Nov 9 The Real Science Radio Mercury Report
Nov 2 RSR Fact Checks with Jonathan Sarfati
Oct 26 The Creation Science Hall of Fame
Oct 19 University of California Prof. of Ophthalmology on RSR
Oct 17 Lost in Space vs. Star Trek
Oct 12 Best 10 Evidences from Answers Magazine
Oct 5 "Nature" Confirms Creationist Rejection of Junk DNA
Sep 28 Krauss vs. Evidence from Astronomy and RSR Pt. 2
Sep 21 A Creationist Interviews Lawrence Krauss
Sep 14 Carbon 14 and Dinosaur Bones
Sep 7 RSR: 128 Computers to Simulate Simplest Known Cell
Aug 31 RSR: Moon Landing Conspiracy Hoax Rebutted (and other Moon fun)
Aug 24 Many Modern Birds Found in Dinosaur Layers
Aug 17 RSR: List of the Living Fossils with Dr. Carl Werner
Aug 15 Cardiologist in Studio about Hearts and a Home Test Kit
Aug 10 RSR's
Aug 3 Walter ReMine on Haldane's Dilemma
Jul 27 Walter ReMine on the Origin of Sexual Reproduction
Jul 20 America's Murder Epidemic: Causes and Solutions
Jul 13 RSR Interviews Walter ReMine Pt. 2
Jul 6 RSR interviews Walter ReMine on the Theory of Evolution
Jun 29 Geneticist re: Christianity Today Denying Adam
Jun 22 University of South Carolina Astronomer on RSR
Jun 15 RSR: Microbiologist Kevin Anderson on Epigenetics
Jun 8 Electron Microscope Lab Dir. Brings Dino Tissue to RSR
Jun 1 RSR Risks Neck on Whale-of-an-Eel Story
May 25 The Real Science Radio Caveman Show
May 18 RSR: List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit
May 11 RSR: Good Little Rat, Bad Little Bat
May 10 What Romney's Mormon Relative Says
May 4 RSR: Does Stephen Hawking Exist?
Apr 27 RSR: Best Cell Biology DVD Ever Made!
Apr 20 RSR: ASU Agrees 90% of Marine Species Killed
Apr 13 RSR: Now, Two Million Year-Old Leaves?
Apr 6 Stars in Galaxy Bulges "Look Too Perfect"
Mar 30 Dinosaurs, Fossils & Montana's Best Museum
Mar 23 RSR: Remember the Nautiloids!
Mar 16 RSR: The Origin of Earth's Radioactivity
Mar 9 RSR: Good Mutations Occurring On Demand
Mar 2 RSR Predicts: Two-mile Deep Lake To Surprise Evolutionists
Feb 24 RSR: Bob Has a Great Weight on His Shoulders
Feb 17 League of Reason's AronRa in Round Two
Feb 10 RSR: Adipose Fins and the Dinosaur Death Pose
Feb 3 RSR: Portuguese Man-of-War Made of Four Animals
Jan 27 RSR: List of Not So Old Things Pt. 2
Jan 20 RSR's 2012 List of Not So Old Things
Jan 13 Preview of Our List of Not So Old Things
Jan 6 Evolutionist admits ape-to-man fossils an "illusion"
Dec 30 RSR: Perfect Camouflage of Color Blind Octopus
Dec 23 RSR: Stretch Cosmology
Dec 19 RSR: The Astronomical Star of Bethlehem
Dec 16 RSR: Plants Couldn't Evolve UV Protection
Dec 9 RSR: Black holes, vision, & mammoths
Dec 2 RSR: Bacteria Smarter than Fish
Nov 30 RSR: Anti-Creationist AronRa vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 7
Nov 29 RSR: Anti-Creationist AronRa vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 6
Nov 28 RSR: Anti-Creationist Aron Ra vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 5
Nov 25 RSR's Fred Williams Weighs in on AronRa
Nov 18 RSR: Anti-Creationist AronRa vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 4
Nov 15 RSR: Anti-Creationist AronRa vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 3
Nov 14 RSR: Anti-Creationist AronRa vs. Bob Enyart Pt. 2
Nov 11 RSR: Aron Ra YouTube Star Debates a Creationist
Nov 4 Alleged: The Scopes Monkey Trial Movie
Oct 28 RSR: Ten Universities & Institutes Confirm Dino Tissue
Oct 26 Ray Comfort on BEL about "180" The Movie
Oct 21 RSR Interviews ID Author Jonathan Witt Pt. 2
Oct 14 Intelligent Design Uncensored Co-Author Jonathan Witt
Oct 7 RSR: Bees Think Faster than a Super Computer!
Sep 30 Flat Earth Society President Is a Darwinist
Sep 23 CERN Broke Light's Speed Limit? Nope!
Sep 16 World Renowned Cornell Geneticist Rejects Darwin
Sep 9 RSR: Seat Belt Needed to Hear About DNA Replication
Sep 2 Rodhocetus: Actual vs Imagined (see hind limb, below; etc.)
Aug 26 RSR: Irene & Virginia: Hurricanes and Earthquakes
Aug 23 RSR Earthquake Warning Policy ALERT
Aug 22 Ninth Circuit Nonsense from Reagan Judge
Aug 19 RSR: A Leading Telescope Designer in Studio
Aug 12 RSR: Blue Whales Talk Across 2,000 Miles!
Aug 5 RSR: The Origin of Fish by Jerry Bergman
Jul 29 CRSQ's Paper: The Origin of Trees Pt. 2
Jul 22 RSR: The Origin of Trees
Jul 15 RSR: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Jul 8 Why Does Math Work? Why are Fundamental Equations Beautiful?
Jul 1 RSR: The Best Astronomy DVD Ever Made
Jun 24 Christianity Today's Search for the Historical Adam
Jun 17 Preview of the Christianity Today Article on Adam
Jun 10 Baraminologist Dr. Roger Sanders on RSR
Jun 3 What technologies needed Darwin or an old earth?
May 27 RSR: The Origin of Fingerprints
May 13 RSR: Plants Know Up from Down
May 6 RSR: Now Soft Tissue from a Mosasaur!
Apr 29 RSR: Faster in Air than on Sand
Apr 22 Clarence Darrow ACLU OK Obama as Closer to Ape
Apr 15 RSR: What Museums Aren't Showing You
Apr 8 RSR: Spiders & Termites & Magnets
Apr 1 RSR: Now Biological Material from Archaeopteryx
Mar 25 RSR: Human & Dino Footprints are Real
Mar 18 RSR Week: Exposing a False Claim of Finding Noah's Ark
Mar 17 RSR: Planet Formation Theory Decimated
Mar 16 RSR Week: The Pre-Flood World
Mar 15 RSR Week: Don't Blink
Mar 14 Real Science Radio Week: Old Shrimp
Mar 11 RSR: Origin of Limestone with Walt Brown
Mar 9 "Stump the Professor" Fred Ebert Rejects Debate Offer
Mar 4 NIH: 100 Million Years to Change a Binding Site
Feb 25 RSR: Where's that Blue Star Assembly Line?
Feb 18 RSR: Assemblies of God Going Soft
Feb 11 2011's List of Not So Old Things Pt. 2
Feb 9 Getting to the Root of the Matter
Feb 4 RSR: 2011's List of Not So Old Things
Jan 12 Atheist Staks Rosch on BEL
Dec 17 RSR: Dawkins Proves a Creationist Right!
Dec 10 RSR: Now Sponges are 70% Human :)
Dec 3 RSR Takes On Nature's 15 Gems
Nov 26 RSR: Gorillas, Chimps, Baboons, Ann Gibbons
Nov 12 RSR: Dinosaur Fossils Swimming in Clams
Oct 22 RSR: Fruit flies have gyroscope function
Oct 15 Spike Psarris on Astronomer Phil Plait & Evolution
Oct 8 RSR: Honey Baby and Discover Mag's Phil Plait
Oct 1 RSR: Science Fun Facts Just Too Much Fun
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