If you're a personhood supporter you try to save lives at abortion clinics. It's what you do.

* It's What You Do: If you're a personhood supporter you try to save lives at abortion clinics. It's what you do. Bob Enyart Live listeners are the first to hear that a personhood supporter was there on scene during the Planned Parenthood clinic shootings on Friday, November 27th and this anti-abortionist intervened in an attempt to save lives. This is exactly what personhood supporters do. The government and the media, without evidence, has wrongly tried to tie the murderer to the pro-life community. Instead, we have actual evidence, actually, proof, that a hero who was there, on location, who was trying to stop the murderer, was in fact part of the personhood movement.

* It's What They Do: If you're a godless reporter, you blame massacres on those trying to save lives. It's what you do.


* Meanwhile, from over at prolife.buzz: The info below is copied and pasted directly from today's post at plb. Notice in the video that the MS-NBC host appears disturbed over her pro-abortion guest's hypothetical scenario about what if abortion really is murder.

America is complicit in the ongoing murder of unborn babies
December 01, 2015 by 

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes gets it exactly right about America’s guilt and complicity in the human rights atrocity called abortion (beginning at 5:30 here):

You know, we hear abortion is murder, right? That is very frequent, “they’re killing babies”. This is the common rhetoric. That’s mainstream anti-abortion rhetoric. To think for a second about what that would mean if you believed that. If you took that seriously right? America is undergoing essentially a mass slaughter, a holocaust, right? I mean, there are millions of abortions in America every year. If you think it’s murder and you think the entire institutional structure of American life is essentially complicit in this ongoing murder. That’s a pretty intense thing to think about the state of America.


* Officer Garrett Swasey Personhood Supporter: