Below, see the letter from a Dairy Queen Customer to the Salazars
and the press release we issued.

Senator Ken Salazar calls Christian Protesters Outrageous and Un-Americian

Dark skies loomed as protesters, some from Denver Bible Church, arrived to protest at the Diary Queen owned by Senator Ken Salazar in Westminster.  Christians have been outraged by the democratic filibuster of republican judges and in Colorado the Ken Salazar is gets the brunt of the criticism. The protest organized by Ken Scott of Denver was attended by about two dozen Christians to call Senator Ken Salazar to repentance for his stand on God’s laws against abortion, homosexuality, adultery, legalized stealing, etc. and also to wake believers up to the fact that our problem is not with “the filibuster”, but with faulty Christian political strategy.  When weighing the actual results of judicial appointees, the Republican Party does not fair much better than the Democrats.  And all the Christian political jockeying has finally obscured the truth that our criminal code must be based on God’s law.

“Because almost all republican judges are virtually as pro abortion as democrat judges, therefore the filibuster of these judges has no effect on America’s moral decline.  We need judges that declare an unborn Child’s fundamental right to life,” said Bob Enyart, the pastor of Denver Bible church. 

The flyer handed out at the protest was written in resolution style and made just that point:

Ken Salazar: Anti-Christian Senator

  To Ken Salazar,
  the only good Christian,
  is a bad Christian.

God’s Law                                 Salazar’s Amendments

Do Not Murder                           Unless your name is Roe, or you know Roe
Do Not Steal                               From anyone in your tax bracket
Do Not Commit Adultery            Except by consent

Regarding Salazar’s current filibuster of judges, since almost all Republican judges are pro-choice and pro-homosexuality, and since all six of the Reagan/Bush Sr./W. Bush judges on the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals voted for starving Terri Schindler to death, and since the Moral Majority/Christian Coalition/Focus on the Family quarter-century strategy of getting godly judges through Republican victories has utterly failed, and since it was a Republican Supreme Court which legalized abortion, and since Republicans have nominated seven of our nine Supreme Court Justices making it a solidly pro-abortion court, and since even the “pro-life” Justices are actually pro-choice on abortion if passed legislatively, and since even they have never declared an unborn child’s fundamental right to life as a living human being and as a constitutionally protected class of “our posterity,” and since a Republican-nominated judge wrote the U.S. 9th Circuit ruling against the words “under God” in the Pledge, and since Republican-supported judges issue so many of the most anti-Christian rulings in America, and since George W. Bush has upheld his very first campaign promise to ignore abortion when nominating judges, therefore passionate Christians opposed to the killing of unborn children should see Salazar’s filibuster of Republican judges as having no effect whatsoever on America’s moral decline.-Pastor Bob Enyart,


The Rocky Mountain News, April 25, 2005, reported Senator Salazar’s comments about the picket at his Dairy Queen in Westminster.  “It’s outrageous to target my wife’s Dairy Queen.  They can protest me wherever they want. These tactics are outrageous and un-American and simply won’t work.”

Senator Ken Salazar claims both to own and to not own the DQ as it benefits him. From, “Ken Salazar was elected to the United States Senate in November 2004 as Colorado’s thirty-fifth United States Senator…  Ken has been a… small business owner much of his life. He and his wife… own and operate a Dairy Queen in Westminster, Colorado.”

-Jo Scott
Pro-Life Activist and Denver Bible Church Member

And this just in: "Bob, I used to own a Dairy Queen [Bob Enyart Live confirmed this]
and one of my favorites was their Peanut  Buster Parfait.
I hear the one you protested has a new item:
The Fili-Buster Parfait, with plenty of nuts!
It has no nutritional value, but makes Republicans feel better!
God Bless, Carl."


Letter from a Dairy Queen Customer to the Salazars:

May 3, 2005

Dear Hope, Ken, Melinda and Andrea Salazar,

My family and I have continued the Sunday tradition that my parents taught me when I was a little boy. After church we go out for lunch, have an ice cream and follow that with a pleasant Sunday afternoon nap. (The nap is my favorite part.) This Sunday we ate at your Dairy Queen and I am very upset at what ensued. Everything started out great, our food was great, the service was great and we were having a good time. After being there for a while I looked out the window to my left and there was a bunch of protesters outside.

As disturbing as it was to see pictures of dead babies while eating lunch with my family I admired that they had the nerve to stand out in the cold and snow for what they believe in. My family agrees with Ken that families are worth fighting for. I admire the Senator’s pride in Colorado, we love this state too. The reason I was prompted to write this letter is because of what happened inside your restaurant. First I noticed your family and friends sitting at the front of the restaurant were laughing at the protestors and calling them names. I know you and your husband have deeply held Catholic faith so I was shocked at the meanness this small group expressed in your business. They laughed! How could anyone be so cold hearted and evil to laugh at pictures of dead babies? I would like you to answer this.

I asked you what you thought of the protest and you said, “Well everybody has their own beliefs.” I told you, Melinda and Andrea that it is not beliefs, it is a fact. Abortion kills children. I pointed to my two little boys and said that they were inside of my wife’s tummy at one point and if they were aborted by chemicals or a physical object they would not be here right now and they would not be living. They would be dead! That is a fact. Your daughters repeated, “That‘s a fact.” At that, you didn’t say a word and ran for your office! How does that saying go, “Out of the mouth of babes?” I just wanted you to take a stand, but you didn’t even have the courage to admit a simple fact. Abortion ends lives. Did you not know that when a baby is aborted he or she doesn’t just go away for a little while until it is more convenient for the mother to take care of her? No, the life is ended permanently! Ken ran his race for the senate claiming he would fight for Colorado. I just can’t believe you are such a coward that you would run away and leave your daughters standing there. I also can’t believe that Ken would hide behind you! You are a strong and admired business woman. I was impressed at how you run your business and how strong your family is to weather so many years of political life and yet you take a moral relative position on something that is so important and clear to the Catholic church as abortion. You wouldn’t take a relativist position on theft if one of your employees took $5 out of the cash register at Dairy Queen so why would you take such a position on the life of an innocent baby? Is a child worth less than $5 to you? You didn’t abort your daughters and you enjoy the blessings that their lives have brought you. Don’t you think that other women should experience the same joy that you have? The pope is against abortion. Are you better than the pope? Think about it.

I heard one of the ladies in your group in the front of the Dairy Queen say “It is those self-righteous Christians again.” Other customers in your restaurant were calling names, shouting profanities and hate filled slurs at the protestors. I asked Melinda and Andrea what they think about the protest and they said “We think it is stupid that the protestors are protesting at a Dairy Queen, they should be protesting at my dad‘s office.” I asked your daughters why they don’t go outside and ask the protestors why they are there. Why didn’t you go and talk to the protestors, Hope? When we were leaving your store I was carrying my 15 month old boy and I asked the lady who was in your group if she thought my baby boy should be allowed to live and she yelled, “Get out of my face!” “Get out of my face, police, police!” I was afraid of what she was going to do! Why was there so much hatred? It was so stressful and I was so disturbed that my stomach was in knots. I haven’t felt that way since I learned of the news of the Columbine murders. Back then I couldn’t stop thinking, why, why oh why would someone do such a thing? How could these boys be so filled with hate and meanness? Today I drove home from your Dairy Queen thinking, how could people laugh at dead babies, how could they? How could they hate religious people so much? I just want to know why there is so much hate in your restaurant and in your family? Why does Ken hate Jim Dobson with such venom?

I can’t imagine the severity of hatred and cruelty I witnessed today and I was sickened to my stomach and so emotional I couldn’t talk. As I was walking to my car some of the protestors asked me what happened, I must have looked very disturbed. I was physically shaking when I told them about the people inside that were filled with hatred and how they laughed at pictures of dead people. The protestors prayed together and I decided to pray with them. I now understand why people protest. Your husband cares more about his political career than about unborn babies. Would he even allow euthanasia for the disabled and elderly?

I’ve seen something deeper this day. I thought about all of the women who have been victims of abortion and how they’ve been told that, “it is just a choice” like vanilla or strawberry. Women who have an abortion are scarred for life; some can never get pregnant again. A woman will try to bury the guilt that she killed her own son or daughter. It is something that will always be regretted. I saw the seriousness in your daughters’ eyes and I saw that you didn’t laugh or take abortion lightly. It seemed that you didn’t even believe your own words to me that: the murder of an innocent child is okay if you believe it is.

Hope, did you, your daughter or someone close to you have an abortion? If so my heart goes out to you. I know that you can not hide the pain and guilt forever and that there is nothing you can do to bury it or convince yourself that a life of a child is as worthless or as trivial as a “choice.” There is an answer. It is through a loving God and it is called forgiveness! It is not possible without first repenting. Repentance requires a change of heart. You must first acknowledge that the taking of an innocent life is a sin and that it is wrong. As a Catholic you know, “Thou shall not murder”. Quit lying to yourself. I could see in your daughter’s eyes that they know what is right and I believe you do too. Perhaps Ken is just taking a moderate stand on abortion because he feels for your loss. He obviously loves you, Melinda and Andrea. Don’t be so selfish as to believe that abortion is okay for others. Why you the Salazar’s think that abortion is “a choice between a woman and her God?” What kind of cruel God would choose abortion? Not the God of Catholics, Protestants or Jews! There are so many other women hurting and they just want to be free from the pain that abortion has caused them.

You may think that the protestors are nutty but voting republican or democrat doesn’t stop women from sending their precious babies down the garbage disposal. After witnessing the hatred that was in your store Sunday afternoon and that you were not joining in with the hate fest, I believe you are different and that you and your daughters have a conscience. It really seems like you were troubled by the whole incident.

As a Catholic you know that Jesus loved you enough to die for you and all of us. He took all of our sins so we could be washed clean in the sight of God. All you have to do is want it. Don’t run anymore, face the truth. When you are ready to admit that you are a sinner and that you are sorry for your sins and want God’s forgiveness; He will forgive you and at last you will be free from the heaviness and guilt that you carry from your past. You will be free from the grave eternal consequences that your sinful actions bring and you will begin to realize that there is a whole world out there of hurting people that need God’s grace, mercy and love. We need God’s hope, not a lie that it is okay to kill the weak and innocent.

In a business sense you bring hope to your employees. You encourage them and inspire them that they can have dreams that hard and honest work bring. I know because I overheard how you spoke to them. Imagine how blessed they are to be learning about business at Hope Hernandez Salazar’s Dairy Queen! Each of those young people survived abortion. No baby deserves to be aborted by her or his mother. Whether they are poor or rich, Asian, Latino, African American, white or Native American, Jesus loves the little children. It is disgusting to say that the life of a child is no more than a choice. On the TV show, “Extreme Makeover” my family watched and cried at the story of a woman with cancer that adopted boys that were born addicted to drugs but now they are beautiful healthy 12 year olds and they love life and their mother. They have hopes and dreams. We think all people deserve life and a chance to pursue their hopes and dreams just as Hope and Ken have. The adoptive mother with cancer and the babies born addicted to drugs are loved!

I think you should meet with the protesters and pray with them. You will be surprised to find out that they love you and they care enough to take a stand. I am not a protestor but I understand that when it is legal to pay someone to kill your own child, and a hate filled U.S. Senator calls a Mr. Rogers like Jim Dobson “the antichrist of the world” peaceful protest may be necessary. You need to change your opinion because it is wrong.

-Pat Shamblin and family (

For Immediate Release:

Dairy Queen Justice Sundae Protest

Sunday May 1, 2005 at 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Members of Denver Bible Church and other anti-choice Christians protested at Senator Ken Salazar’s Dairy Queen last week and will again this Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

Our Justice Sundae goal is to oppose the Senator’s support for legalized abortion, but mostly to expose the failed result of James Dobson’s quarter-century strategy of getting judges who respect life by electing pro-life Republican presidents.

Our open letter to James Dobson, which ran in the Colorado Springs Gazette on May 3, 2005, shows that James Dobson has been criticizing mostly the judges nominated by the pro-life Republican presidents which he supported.

“Through a failed strategy, Republican presidents elected partly by the Christian Right have filled the federal judiciary with pro-choice judges,” said Pastor Bob Enyart.  “While James Dobson is battling the Democrats over the filibuster of Republican judges, in reality, both sides are responsible for the appointment of almost exclusively pro-choice judges.”

Bob Enyart Live 1-800-8Enyart,



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