Denver Bible Church Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Top Ten Reasons
Why Liberals Hate the Holidays

10   Thanksgiving is mass murder for turkeys.
9   Too many SUVs traveling to grandma's house.
8   College bowl games encourage competition.
7   Millions of Christmas trees are cut down.
6   The pilgrims were thanking God, not the Indians.
5   Christmas lights waste electricity.
4   The letters C-h-r-i-s-t are still seen in public.
3   Winter lull in global-warming hype.
2   Daycare centers are closed.
1   Christmas celebrates a birth, not an abortion.

Liberals often pit themselves against good traditions.  Bible teachings present the cure for liberalism.  It is good to eat animalsgood for people (who get great enjoyment and nutrition) and good for animals.  Animal rights activists would annihilate sixty million turkeys yearly, turkeys which would never even exist if they didn't end up on dinning room tables. (It is better to live and be eaten then never to have lived at all.)  Extremist environmentalists forget that trees are a renewable resource.  For every tree cut down, thousands of seeds can reproduce an unlimited number of new trees, and America has more trees today than 200 years ago.  Leading liberals have prejudice against the social descendants of the Pilgrims.  Liberalism tends toward racism against Europeans, sexism against males, and discrimination against Christianity.  Some people put down others to elevate themselves or their friends.  Liberals often denounce Christian white males in order to elevate their special interests.  Leading liberals blame religion, especially Christianity, for the world's problems, advocating instead atheistic, evolutionary socialism.  Liberals thus ignore the murder of tens of millions of people in the recent past by the atheistic, evolutionary socialist Soviet Union and other communist countries.  Liberals prefer kids growing up institutionalized in daycare and government schools than having them raised at home by loving parents.  And finally, in their long war against God, liberals suggest that the only good Christian is a bad Christian, that is, one who rejects the exclusive claims of Jesus Christ.

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