Pedophiles, Priests, & Privacy: The Denver Archbishop Writes to a Molestation Victim's Sister

* The Sister of a Molested Boy: wrote to Denver's Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, and he wrote back. American RTL president Brian Rohrbough reads and discusses the letters, including the comments in both letters about Colorado's personhood amendment.

* Flashback: Bob Enyart read the handwritten letter left behind by a fireman who took his own life after never recovering from the alcoholism, pornography, and sexual immorality that he was introduced to as a child by Fr. Neil Hewitt.

Priest's victim: suicide [original link:] 
Colorado's Fr. Neil Hewitt molested a boy whose father had recently passed away. Years later, the victim committed suicide and left behind a hand-written note to his parish priest. Original air date 3-24-04 (show starts 2:57 into recording)

Priest Molestation Case Update 1 [original link:]
Roman Catholic priest Neil Hewitt molests boy whose father had recently passed away. Original air date 6-30-04 
Priest Molestation Case Update 2 [original link:]
SNAP Nat'l Director David Claussey. Original air date 7-1-04)

* KGOV Programs about this Homosexual Child-Molesting Priest: Here are the programs we've produced here at about Donna Ballentine's cousin and Denver's homosexual child-molesting priest Neil Hewitt who destroyed her cousin when he was a young boy:
- 2002: Denver Roman Catholic Priest Neil Hewitt Molests Altar Boy
- 2004: The Victim of Homosexual Catholic Priest Father Neil Hewitt
- 2004: 
Priest Molestation Case Update 1
- 2004: Priest Molestation Case Update 2
- 2008: Pedophiles, Priests, & Privacy (this program).

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