2003 Archive

December 2003
Date Title
Dec 30 Bad pro-life laws end with "and then you can kill the baby."
Dec 29 Does God target people with earthquakes?
Dec 26 Cookies: $1 for whites; $0.25 for blacks
Dec 23 The Barber of Incivility
Dec 22 Clinton Admin: Iraq-UBL link!
Dec 19 Bob trades Bible Questions...
Dec 18 Democrats scared TO DEATH...
Dec 17 Bob & Montana's #1 Activist
Dec 16 Bob with Dr. Paul Cameron
Dec 15 Phoenix, speak your mind...
Dec 12 Abortion over-the-counter?
Dec 11 AIDS is a gay disease
Dec 10 Colmes revisited
Dec 9 Bob with Alan Colmes
Dec 5 Cincinnati Homicide!
Dec 4 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13!
Dec 3 Carter: Bad that Saddam's out
Dec 2 A Christian Does the News
Dec 1 Your Prescription Bill: $7,500
November 2003
Date Title
Nov 26 1 Day Till Thanksgiving
Nov 25 2 Days Till Thanksgiving
Nov 24 On Killing John Muhammad
Nov 21 The Cat in the Hat
Nov 20 Bob's evil twin: Mangopoulos
Nov 19 "Carolyn, depart from Me..."
Nov 18 Gay Marriage & M. Jackson
Nov 17 Meet Tony Funderburk.com
Nov 14 Where there's a will...
Nov 13 Fingerprints Could Not Evolve
Nov 12 Carl's Jr. makes me sick...
Nov 11 Triangulate This: Durst Guilty!
Nov 10 A&W: the root of all beer
Nov 7 "A fetus is not human"
Nov 6 Banning Imaginary Guns
Nov 5 Thinking Outside the Box
Nov 4 Liberals: Why they hate us
Nov 3 Who watches the networks??
October 2003
Date Title
Oct 31 Is Rush Saved? Weigh in...
Oct 30 Bob talks to David Limbaugh
Oct 29 Increase $$ for public schools?
Oct 28 How is Howard Dean's Head Attached?
Oct 27 Rumsfeld: Bring 'em On!!
Oct 24 Tune in on October 30th!
Oct 23 Ordination Candidate
Oct 22 Terri's Saved-- for Now...
Oct 21 Bob and Baska from Gulf1.com
Oct 20 Flippin' thru the paper
Oct 17 Bears Eat Dumb People...
Oct 16 Killing Terri is just like...
Oct 14 Parents: Terri wants to Live!
Oct 13 Terri Schindler-Schiavo.org
Oct 6 The Ken, Jo, & Jason Show
Oct 3 MrShine237@hotmail.com
Oct 2 Republican Arnold: On Hitler
September 2003
Date Title
Sep 30 Bob's Back on the Beat
Sep 19 What IS money? No... really?
Sep 18 Bob with Mike
Sep 17 Bob with JC Watts & Edward
Sep 16 Bob will be in Hawaii Sept. 28th!
Sep 12 Come with us to Montana...!
Sep 11 9-11: Second Anniversary
Sep 10 Killed in Christian Love
Sep 9 One Wife is Enough
Sep 8 TerroristsForDean.com
Sep 5 The debate's post-game show
Sep 4 Bad, bad pro-lifers!
Sep 3 On Killing Abortionists
Sep 2 The Show Without a Name
August 2003
Date Title
Aug 29 Christian Residue
Aug 28 Scientific Amer Ed Michael Shermer: The Bible is Wrong, the Sun is NOT a Light
Aug 28 Bob vs. Scientific American Editor Michael (Sun-is-not-a-light) Shermer
Aug 27 "I'd dance on my table, but..."
Aug 26 Denver pro-choice bomber
Aug 25 Is THAT the voice of God?
Aug 22 Duane makes electricity
Aug 21 Tolerance = New Intolerance
Aug 20 Wedding: Gov't or Church?
Aug 15 The Doug & Jason Hour
Aug 14 Niagara falls, the heart beats
Aug 13 Bob & FBI Agent Gary Aldrich
Aug 12 Teen Prostitution Up 70%
Aug 11 Dating while Waiting?
Aug 8 THAT'S Unconstitutional?
Aug 7 TOL: ATTENTION Atheists
Aug 4 The record industry Gets Theirs
Aug 1 Bob with Ann Coulter
July 2003
Date Title
Jul 31 Creation Expeditions
Jul 30 Libs: Legalize heroin, regulate vitamins
Jul 28 Never another Bob Hope
Jul 25 Bob's Kobe Bryant Prediction
Jul 24 Hero: Senator Joe McCarthy
Jul 23 Christians help Larry Flynt's lawyer
Jul 22 The Show Name Was Lost
Jul 21 Abortionist Won't Kill Baby
Jul 18 A Trillion Years for One Step
Jul 17 Bob with B-17 Pilot
Jul 16 Bob vs. NASA
Jul 15 Marriage and Maui
Jul 14 Susan Smith Rejects Judgers
Jul 11 Kerry: Rip off their arms
Jul 10 Two Unhappy Callers
Jul 8 Any Whipping in Hell?
Jul 7 Welfare call from Compton
Jul 3 Don't abort the pigs...
Jul 1 Bob Hears from Kenya
June 2003
Date Title
Jun 30 Republicans vs. Homosexuals?
Jun 27 Bob changes tactics re: Homo...
Jun 24 Does God Exist? True & Right
Jun 23 Does God Exist? Q&A Review
Jun 20 The Real Benton Harbor Story
Jun 19 Ilana Mercer meets Bob
Jun 18 Does God Exist? Round 1b
Jun 17 Does God Exist? Round 1a
Jun 16 The Good, the Bad, & the Prior
Jun 13 Syracuse, or Corinth
Jun 12 What does Zig Ziglar & Hamas
Jun 11 Prosecutor studies BEL work
Jun 10 Drug Dealer Calls
Jun 9 godisnowhere
Jun 6 Bob vs. a very nice Christian
Jun 5 Disney Policy Mocks Christians
Jun 4 Public School Unsafe for Girls
Jun 3 What Percent Spank?
Jun 2 Goodbye to the Boy Scouts
May 2003
Date Title
May 30 Goodbye Indiana...
May 29 The Christian 007
May 28 There Goes a Great American
May 27 We're staying on air in Denver
May 23 Shaun's Motorcycle Accident
May 22 Plato run out of Massachusetts
May 21 You are cordially invited...
May 20 Can God Change? Rusty
May 19 Cat Food
May 16 Matrix Defenders Are In It
May 15 No Royal Jelly for Liberals
May 14 Death crops water immigrants
May 13 Lawyers Help Dump Parents
May 12 Female 'martyrs' escape 72
May 9 Common Law: O'Reilly & Alberto
May 9 Are White Groups Racist?
May 8 Bob with Hal Lindsey & a...
May 7 Convicted Murderer calls
May 6 Engaged girl calls in: trouble
May 5 Bob On Jesse Lee's Show!
May 2 Lesbians Lie
May 1 Revolution & Rights
April 2003
Date Title
Apr 30 Christian Copy-wrongers
Apr 29 Matrix Intellectual Rights
Apr 28 Catholic School Girl Calls
Apr 24 Larrys Bates and Pratt
Apr 23 South Bend Police
Apr 22 Bob and Jesse Lee Peterson
Apr 21 Parents are the last to know
Apr 18 Laci's murderer arrested
Apr 17 Dear Athiest from Poland
Apr 16 The incredibly shrinking West
Apr 15 State Deterrence
Apr 14 Palestinian Ace of Spades
Apr 11 Flowers for Al Jazeera
Apr 10 Blood Sacrifice
Apr 9 Bob Avoids the Drink
Apr 8 Guest Host: Chuck Bates
Apr 7 Saddam's Dead?
Apr 4 Saddam's Dead?
Apr 3 After the war, what next?
Apr 2 News from the War Front
Apr 1 Left, Right, Left
March 2003
Date Title
Mar 31 More to Fight? OK...
Mar 28 The French & Chicken Entrails
Mar 27 Stonewalled
Mar 26 The Poison Pill
Mar 25 Jason, Duane, and... Mom?
Mar 24 Analyzing the War Strategy
Mar 21 Mother of all surrenders
Mar 20 First day of the war
Mar 19 Clean-up phase begins
Mar 18 Bob & WND's Joseph Farah
Mar 17 BEL on the Brink of War
Mar 14 Winning in Vietnam
Mar 13 AI, Spain, Mexico & the French
Mar 12 Three Columbine Seniors
Mar 11 Anti-War is Hell
Mar 10 Mohammeds everywhere
Mar 7 Anti-war because...
Mar 6 Complete French Military History
Mar 5 Meet Bob's wife Cheryl
Mar 4 Terrorist on Nitrous
Mar 3 Repubs: $60M to P. Parenthood
February 2003
Date Title
Feb 28 T minus 1 and counting...
Feb 27 T minus 2
Feb 26 T minus 3
Feb 25 T minus 4
Feb 24 T minus 5
Feb 21 If Canada attacked US...
Feb 20 Respecting the French
Feb 19 How liberals debate the Bible and the Middle East
Feb 18 What evidence is wrong?
Feb 17 A French Bureaucrat
Feb 14 Save Yourself: Don't Listen
Feb 13 Chris Garner from Miami
Feb 12 BEL Live from Nashville: The Third, or 3rd, or III
Feb 11 BEL Live from Nashville Too, or II, or 2
Feb 10 BEL Live from Nashville
Feb 7 Iraqi Ambassador Ted Kennedy
Feb 6 Bad Faith
Feb 5 Can Larry Burn Forever?
Feb 4 Mike & Tracy are Married!
Feb 3 True Confessions OADM
January 2003
Date Title
Jan 31 Risky Business
Jan 30 Do Callers Change?
Jan 29 The New Tax Gamble
Jan 28 State of the Union
Jan 27 Pastor Qualifications
Jan 24 Wait for the One Good Call
Jan 23 No Takers
Jan 22 Bug Chasers & Gift Givers
Jan 21 What'd ya rather have onya?
Jan 20 Strike 3
Jan 17 Death is not the end
Jan 16 100 to 1
Jan 15 What is terrorism?
Jan 14 The man in the boys room
Jan 13 Going once, going twice...
Jan 10 Hm Hmmm Hmm
Jan 9 Jo! Joe?
Jan 8 Don't Play with your Food
Jan 7 Rabbi Not for Lieberman
Jan 6 I'll Give You an Hour...
Jan 3 Clone: Soul Splitting
Jan 2 Caller Denies Christ's Deity