Tea Party Seduced by Homosexual RE-publicans

* Conception by Any Other Name: Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney taps top creationists at Answers in Genesis for the back story on how the child killers redefined “conception”.

* Limp Wrists Infiltrate the Tea Party: In a letter written by lisping GOProud founder Chris Barron conservatives are encouraged, (and some tea party leaders have signed on) to abandon conservatism in favor of sodomy and a lower deficit.

* TV’s Family Hour Bleeped: According to a new study by the Parents Television Council vulgarity, profanity and all manner of uncleanness has doubled on network TV in just the past 5 years!

* Hitch a Ride: Picking up on yesterday’s Martian theme Doug expresses his desire for Christopher Hitchens to join a special guest for the 6 month journey to Mars!

* Pet Peeves: In New York the profligate governing officials have chosen to preserve the patronage jobs of legions of life’s losers, while abandoning their citizens lost cats to the dogs!

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