BEL Sayings

We started this list of Bob Enyart's sayings in July 2017. If you have a suggestion for a BEL saying to add, or if you find that one of these sayings is attributed to someone else or predates Bob's radio program, please email us at Thanks!

"Greeting to the brightest audience in the country. I am Bob Enyart, America's most-popular, self-proclaimed, right-wing, religious fanatic, homophobic, anti-choice talk show host."

"It's no longer a justice system; now it's just a system." more

"On Bob Enyart Live, we bring out the liberal in the conservative. And, that's not a good thing." more

"The death penalty is at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." more

"The Bible is a criminal justice textbook." more

[Regarding any "lesser" evil] "There's no bottom to that abyss." more

"The most famous atheist is the one who can say the greatest absurdity with the straightest face." more

"Stupid doesn't make you sin but sin makes you stupid." more

"Judge Rightly Is Not Some Guy's Name." more

"Our murderer is always worse than their murderer." more

"Until Hollywood respects women on camera, they cannot respect them off camera."

"If the church in the past couldn't handle meat but only milk, today it is lactose intolerant." more

Asking someone who says, "God is everything", "Is He a child molester?" "No, of course not." "Then He isn't everything, is He." more

"Materialism requires adherence to its rules especially if that means that getting the biggest questions completely wrong." more

Asking someone who says, "Truth is unknowable!", "How do you know?" more

"Miracles foster unbelief." more

"They never forgive the one they hurt." more

"Your public school is showing." more

"Don't get prayer into the public schools, get your kid out." more

"Don't be nicer than God." more

J.O.N.A.H. "Jesus' Obvious Nativity Attributes Hermeneutic." more

[A New Jersey listener tells people who ask if his son Jonah was named after the book in the Bible: "No, he's named after a hermeneutic." :) ]

N.O.A.H. "New Openness Attributes Hermeneutic." more

"I'd rather be choked than woked." more

"The five biblical attributes of the eternal God are that He is living, personal, relational, good, and loving." more

"Ever notice that Calvinists become Arminians in debates?" more

"Warning, warning, warning Will Robinson there are bible verses up ahead. For those in the audience who advocate pluralism and diversity, we know here at Bob Enyart Live that you would like to censor anyone who would dare quote a bible verse in public. So this warning gives you fair notice that raw unadulterated truth is about to be uttered." more

Lyrics (and music by Tony Funderburk!) for the KGOV Theme Songs:

BEL Theme Song more

Warning, Warning, there's truth up ahead.
It gets beyond all the headlines you've read.
Don't need lip service with a wink and a nod.
You need a man on a mission from God.
Well not to worry, here's Bob Enyart Live!

RSR Theme Song

Intelligent design and DNA,
scholars can't explain it all away.
Get ready to be awed,
by the handiwork of God.
Tune into Real Science Radio.
Turn up the Real Science Radio.
Keepin' it real!

"This is Bob Enyart reminding you to do right and risk the consequences."

- Bob Enyart

Select BEL Definitions/Clarifications (for our full and updated list see

conservative: A Republican trying to save a social program started by a liberal.

Definition of a conservative
bias: A belief that leads to false notions.

knowledge: (human) Awareness of truth. ex. He has much knowledge.
knowledge: (in books) Record of truth. ex. The library stacks contain much knowledge. 

terrorism: Violent crime committed to influence public policy. more

money: The accounting of transferable incomplete transactions. more

forensics: Historical science; investigation of the past whether criminal or not. more

See more at BEL Definitions.

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