Theology Thursday

Theology Thursday

Welcome to Theology Thursday: We present select Bible studies and sermons from Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church teaching from Scripture that:
- God is eternally free, inexhaustibly creative, and has existed from everlasting
- His main biblical attributes? He is living, personal, relational, good, and loving
- Proper hermeneutics flow not from Greek and Latin philosophy but from the primary biblical attributes of God
- The Bible explicitly affirms marriage and condemns moral relativism and all immorality including homosexuality
- As God is a person and created us in His likeness He expects us to stand for the personhood of the unborn
- God presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ, based on the death penalty, in Bible's context of criminal justice
- The Bible is not a science text (for they have to be corrected all the time) but instead is scientifically accurate. Enjoy!

Theology Thursday: Gospel Of John Overview Pt. 1

The Incarnation: Today Bob presents the first of a 3-part series covering an overview of the Gospel of John from his verse by verse study of that book. 

Today's Resource
: Gospel of John Bible study

Christ spoke often of the Father. Still, He preached an egocentric message. Jesus said: follow Me · believe in Me · abide in Me · do all for My sake · confess Me · love Me · come to Me · keep My commandments · receive Me · seek Me · I bear witness of Myself · I am the truth · I am the life. Should a created being direct most attention to the Father, or focus upon himself? Bible teachers use a handful of verses to establish Christ?s identity. As is his style, Bob Enyart starts with a sweeping overview of the Bible to address the deity of Christ. This study stuns and delights, respectively, those disputing and affirming His divinity. 

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Theology Thursday: Solomon's Wisdom

Wisdom: In today's study from 1 Kings, Bob explains the importance of wisdom in our lives.

Update: We're being intentionally vague here (in this Google searchable text), but we want you to know that the Christian ministry mentioned in this study has removed the offending article discussed. There was no statement of repentance and no admission of guilt that we know of. But regardless, we are very thankful that these ministry leaders have at least humbled themselves sufficiently to remove their article that defended the intentional killing of some children.

Today's Resource
: 1 Kings Bible study

As David's life is draining from him, the nation of Israel is set to enter its most terribly trying times. His son Solomon becomes king with a reign so horrific that he fills Judah with altars to pagan gods and his harem of 1,000 women scoffs at God's command that no monarch should multiply wives. Why are the chapters of sacred history filled with such wickedness? Many theologians have claimed that God actually decreed that His own servants would violate His own commands. This Bible study of First Kings, however, allows the Scriptures themselves to expound on the reason for their disobedience. Lessons for the Christian fill this book, from how to gain wisdom, to learning why wisdom alone is insufficient, to the building of the Temple, to the political and moral lessons from Ahab and his wife Jezebel, and ultimately, to the mighty ministry of the Hebrew prophet Elijah, from the fire on Mt. Carmel to hearing the still small voice of the Lord!

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Rerun: DBC Statement of Faith Pt. 2

We're sorry for the incovenience but today's program is a rerun. This weekend, from Thursday June 16 to Saturday June 18, Bob Enyart and crew are at the annual Christian Home Educators conference in Denver running the BEL/Real Science Radio booth celebrating the truth of God our Creator with the (wonderfully encouraging) conferees. But tomorrow's program will be a brand new RSR show, and Monday, Lord-willing, Bob and Doug will be back in studio. So until then, may God continue to bless you!

Theology Thursday: Discipline

Godly Discipline: In today's sermon from Hebrews we learn that God shows that He loves us by disciplining us. He also sets an example for loving parents to also discipline their children. But there is a specific constraint that God has imposed upon Himself in the way that He disciplines the church today. For example, for those who lie about their financial contributions to ministry, God does not kill them as He killed Ananias and Sapphira. Why not? Well, tune in to find out!

Theology Thursday: DBC Predictions

* Prophecy?: Bob shares predictions that were made by Denver Bible Church to show that with knowledge from God's Word, we can make predictions about science and human behavior.

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Global Flood and Hydroplate Theory Part 1


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Global Flood and Hydroplate Theory Part 2


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