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Negative Effects of Marijuana: Scientific Research Shows Pot is Harmful

See our News Items below for information about pot users including:
- Ferguson's suicide-by-cop Michael Brown
- Aurora 
theater murderer James Holmes
- Islamic Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
- Miami cannibal Rudy Eugene
Trayvon Martin
Baltimore's Freddie Gray
- Vegas Strip murderer Lakeisha Holloway 
- i
nfamous murderer Jodi Arias
- Chattanooga's Islamic terrorist Muhammad Abdulazeez
- Tuscon massacre mass murderer James Loughner, and many more.

But first, see just below our list of peer-reviewed scientific papers helping to explain why potheads tend to be slow, stupid, depressed, and often, worse, as we discuss also in this Real Science Radio YouTube video...


Research Showing the Harmful Effects of Marijuana Use