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Bob on Fox News Channel on Schools

* Bob Enyart on Fox about Schools Giving Out Birth Control: Juliet Huddy of FNC's Fox & Friends today asked Bob his opinion on the Denver public school trying to reduce student pregnancy by providing condoms, the birth control pill, and the chemical abortion pill Plan B, to children as young as eleven years old. Bob Enyart said:

More Audio - A62 Press Conference

* More Audio from the A62 Press Conference: Listen to the press conference. (Youtube video coming soon.) See some of the many resulting news reports and see the event's press release below.

Birthers Anonymous on BEL

* Will Summarizes Obama Eligibility Story: Bob Enyart and BEL producer Will talk about the hillarious developments in the biggest unreported story in America: Barack Obama's Birth Certificate Saga!

CORRECTION: In April 2011 Bob acknowledged his error in believing that Obama may not have been born in Hawaii.

Denver Det. Marcus Chavez Back on BEL

* This Time, Bob and Jo Scott Incessantly Interrupt Chavez: As we all listen more closely to the Denver cop who had spent a month investigating Jo Scott talking to a woman, which was caught on the video below by the way, Bob Enyart and Jo stop the tape repeatedly to point out the silliness of Detective Marcus Chavez.

Denver Detective Marcus Chavez vs Grandma Jo

* Hear a Denver Cop Investigate Jo Scott : According to Denver Detective Marcus K. Chavez, the crime scene video below shows Jo Scott  assaulting the woman going into the Planned Parenthood abortion mill. Do you see what I see?