Best of Bob

Calvary Chapel Pastor Dave on BEL

* A Tremendous Outpouring of Support from Castle Rock Church: Encouraged by Pastor Dave Love of Calvary Chapel Castle Rock, many hundreds of their church members signed the Personhood petition to protect every child by love and by law!

Bob Debates AUL Lawyer Paul Linton On Personhood

AUL / NRTL-affiliated pro-life atty travels the country opposing personhood* Bob Enyart Debates Long-time AUL Attorney Paul Linton: The former general counsel for Americans United for Life (AUL) Paul Linton represents is the pro-life lawyers, politi

Vatican Launching Europe's Personhood Petition Drive

* Bringing Europe Into the War: In our personhood war to end child killing, for Memorial Day 2012 Instead of Europe bringing America into the war as they did 70 years ago, this time pro-lifers are filing the paperwork to put the EU on notice that the Personhood movement is set to begin it's petition drive to gather one million signatures to force a vote to protect the unborn child.

Orfa Gives Us a Ring

* Orfa from Indiana Calls About Legalism: Bob Enyart talks with a Christian wife and mother about her former church and their requirement that women wear hats and skirts and their prohibition against jewelry and plucking eye brows. Really.

Senator Catches Fire: Dies

* Social Insecurity: Bob asks co-host Doug McBurney if Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation regarding Barry (aka President Barack Hussein Obama) Soetoro’s eligibility is serious. Bob hints that it might just be that odd Connecticut Social Security number that could be a real problem for Barry.

The Man in the Home is the Man in the Booth

* Three Ohio Students Have Been Murdered: Bob evaluates America's crime and school shootings epidemic in light of biblical principles and relates the fundamental truths involved in understanding and fixing our justice system to the other battles that Christians face.