Nat'l Intelligence Deputy Director Quotes BEL

Date: Nov 16, 2007 Length: 28:50
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* No Right to Anonymity: apparently quoting Bob Enyart from the last sixteen years on air, Donald Kerr, America's deputy director of national intelligence, said privacy no longer can mean anonymity. As Bob has said for years, "There is no right to anonymity. Remember the signers who risked their fortunes and their lives by putting their real names on America's Declaration of Independence. So, get a grip, take courage, and stop whining!"

* A Denver Pastor Ordered 50 Copies: minutes before airtime, a Denver pastor of a congregation of 200 believers ordered 50 copies of BEL's Focus on the Strategy II to distribute throughout his church! The NRTL-affiliated child-killing regulators are on the defensive as the personhood wing of the movement marches on! Praise God! Also today, a leading Christian journalist committed to watch and possibly report on the phenomena of Focus II!

* Listen to Another Denver Subcontractor: Rocky Mountain Mechanical Systems, apparently mislead by Planned Parenthood's general contractor, The Weitz Company, said, "We didn't know that going into it," regarding their role in helping to build an abortion clinic in which Planned Parenthood is scheduled to kill their first child just in time for the Democratic National Convention to be held in Denver.

* CPC Board Member Supports Personhood Wing: Mark English, a board member of a crisis pregnancy center in the Rocky Mountains, called to thank Bob Enyart and Colorado Right To Life for their personhood fight against the child-killing regulators, and gave a stunning account of Denver's Rose Medical Center sixteen years ago advising them to kill their handicapped newborn daughter by starving her to death. Mark also graciously recommended The Plot, and said he had underlined so much of Bob's best-selling Bible overview that when it came time to just re-read the highlights, he decided to re-read the entire book!

Today's Resource: The Plot is making its debut as a bound book! After a decade of sales of thousands of copies of Bob's unbound, best-selling manuscript, now as of December 1st, just in time for Christmas gifts, The Plot will be bound! If you get The Plot, and want the bound version, please just let us know when you call 800-8Enyart or in the Comments field when you order through the Literature Department of our online!