OSA Debrief 2006

  • As promised, here's the video, titled Veins Popping Out, of an anarchist counter protester shouting Hail Sodomy in the face of a praying prolifer.
  • Anarchist counter-protestors; cops removing their name tags to operate anonymously; fifty pro-life signs illegally confiscated; pro-lifer's car window smashed by pro-aborts; and people trusting Christ in the midst of it all! Denver Bible Church member Jason Troyer and Bob Enyart describe Operation Save America's weeklong stand in Jackson Mississippi, including Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) burning a copy of the Roe vs. Wade ruling, and Bob presenting an update on the Focus on the Strategy project!
  • Richard from Ontario explains that it is a hate crime in Canada to warn people about homosexuality on radio and TV. Bob talks about diversity and that he himself came out of the closet.