Son of Ham

Date: Jul 10, 2006 Length: 28:09
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  • Diced HAM: Russia killed Islamic terrorist sHAMil Basayev today in retaliation for the more than 330 people, half of them children, murdered at the Beslan School Massacre. Many terrorists and terror groups have HAM, in their names, H-A-M. NYC’s Holland Tunnel terrorist Assem HAMmoud; HAMbali, southeast Asia's Osama; HAMas; 9-11’s MoHAMmed Atta; Al Qaeda's Kahlid Sheikh MoHAMmad; terrorist sympathizer/sniper John Alvin MoHAMmad; MuHAMmad Abu Abbas; and many others; and now, dead schoolhouse terrorist SHAMil Basayev. Europeans descend from Noah's son Japeth; Jews and others (Semites) from Shem; and Orientals and others from Ham (Hamitic). Ham fathered Canaan (the Canaanites) by incest with his mother (Noah's wife), and various Canaanites and Semites intermarried, and through biblical times warred against the Israelites. And today, the short history of the world continues with the ethnic and cultural descendants of various Canaanite tribes confirming their Hamitic origins.

  • Uncooked HAM: Our Bob Enyart Live law enforcement analyst is 40-year Denver police veteran Dale Squier. Dale criticized the decision to allow a man to board a Houston flight even though: his luggage contained a Quran and a 9-volt battery taped to a clock; he had a Middle Eastern name and he lied about having a laptop in his bag. The passengers name has been withheld.