Brent Rooney and the Abortion Preterm Birth Link

Date: Oct 9, 2006 Length: 26:32
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* Planned Parenthood's List of Complications: In addition to abortion killing the child, it's also has dangerous complications.

* Brent Rooney's
: Abortion Preterm Birth (APB link) website with 60 significant studies showing increased risk of premature birth!

* Bob Explains to Brent
: laws that say, "and then you can kill the child" (KTC) are bad laws, and our "pro-life" consent, notification, and waiting period laws will be the anchors that keep abortion legal once Roe vs. Wade is overturned, and the liberals will then fight to keep those laws on the books, and pro-lifers will then realize that violating "Do Not Murder" was always a horrible strategy.

Today's Resource: Enjoy watching Bob's groundbreaking Focus on the Strategy presentation on YouTube or on DVD. This documentary is widely credited with launch the modern personhood movement and is the most powerful presentation of political strategy ever produced here at BEL!