Never Before Heard Columbine Recordings

Date: Apr 20, 2006 Length: 52:59
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* Never Before Heard Recording of Columbine Aftermath: On the seventh anniversary of the Columbine murders, Danny Rohrbough's dad, Brian Rohrbough, plays startling recordings revealing that Columbine could have been prevented.

* KGOV Columbine Murders Programs:
- Never Before Heard Columbine Recordings (this program)
- Columbine Aftermath Recordings Pt. 2
- Columbine Aftermath Recordings Pt. 3
- Columbine Memorial Controversy and Dad's Courageous Words
- Dad on New Columbine Book
- Evan Todd Tells of Surviving Columbine Library
- Audio from a Columbine Protest

* See Also: Churchhill & Columbine & Church Murder Shares Columbine Motivation.

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